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The scene at Northland Best Buy at 5 a.m.

Lawn chairs, blankets, inflatable beds, and a Mazda

The scene at Metrotown Future Shop at 4:30 p.m.

A quick count concludes a sell out

A sign marks the start, and an empty chair marks a missing first

Alone sits an acoustic guitar
Camper stories, scouting reports, drive-by shootings, self-inflicted injuries and more

'Twas the night before Sony's new machine, when all through the nation, not a creature was stirring... because they were all waiting in line for a PlayStation 3!

In what was previously a phenomenon common only among the most hardcore Japanese gamers, lining up hours, or even days in advance of a gaming release has hit North America at full force. 

Gamers camped out at most a day in advance for a chance to secure a pre-order at GameStop/EB Games, but now with the imminent launch upon us, some have decided to take camping to a level previously only known to The Phantom Menace. Some set up camp almost two weeks ago, though they were ejected from their site less than a week into their campaign. 

After missing out on pre-orders, gamers all across North America are taking no chances and have started to form line camps several days before the system's release. A video taken from outside Circuit City in Union Square in New York shows the lengthy line with 35 hours until launch, and another shows a Best Buy in Melbourne, Florida, complete with classical music and tents for the refined camper. Things are not much different in the Great White North (though likely a good bit colder), as shown in a video by Alan D. of campers waiting outside of a Future Shop in Ontario. Notable is that when campers were asked whether they were planning on selling their system or playing it, the majority responded with intentions of selling.

Our personal experiences after scouting various locations over the past 24 hours are varied. At a Best Buy location set to receive only 10 units, there were already seven people camped at the location at 5 a.m. on November 16. Instead of bothering with a tent, a young couple decided to park their car directly in front of the store, marking the beginning of the line. As number one and two, the couple said that they had been there since 1 p.m. the previous day. 

At a Future Shop located in Vancouver, Canada, around a dozen sitting in chairs, wrapped in blankets, were seen lining up against the wall today in the late afternoon. Taking a page from the Japan launch, a couple of homeless people were hired to sit in line for those who didn't want to brave the wait first-hand. The Canadian retailer announced that every store would carry a minimum of 10 PS3s, and those who wish to buy an Xbox 360 on November 17 instead of a PS3 would receive a $50 discount plus free copies of Gears of War and Ridge Racer 6.

A smaller Best Buy location in Bellingham, Washington, set to receive 20 units of the 60GB machine had one of the quieter scenes we've encountered. Aside from the couple of unattended foldable chairs at the front of the line, the entire walkway was populated by a half dozen tents. Campers were nowhere to be seen, but a lone acoustic guitar was on display, perhaps hinting at Kumbaya singalongs once our cameras left the scene. 

While many have been reporting positive experiences in waiting for a PS3, there have been several isolated incidents where campers had to endure some pain and suffering. 

At a Best Buy location in Lexington, Kentucky, a group of campers were victims of a drive-by BB gun shooting. Four people were hit by BB pellets, including a television reporter who was there on the scene to interview the queue. Two of the people who were shot packed up and left the scene, saying that it wasn't worth the risk for the video games machine. 

Some others are undeterred by the attack, one man saying, "I'd do it again, even if I get shot again." Police say they'll stay at the Best Buy to make sure people in line stay safe. Click here to read and watch the news report from WKYT. 

In another incident at West Bend, Wisconsin, a person was injured outside Wal-Mart racing for a chance to buy one of 10 PS3s available. According to the local police, an assistant manager announced to a crowd of about 50 people that the store was only going to receive about 10 systems and placed 10 chairs outside of the store. Customers were told to run on signal to try to occupy one of the chairs to secure themselves a PS3 when it goes on sale at midnight.

Sadly, a 19-year-old man with perhaps a bit too much exuberance ran into a pole and struck his head, injuring himself. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, reports the AP.

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why so much demand?
By thejez on 11/17/2006 10:16:38 AM , Rating: 1
I dont blame the poor people who wait in line to make some easy(?) cash... i blame the idiots who would actually pay so much for a game system on ebay. If people just stopped for a second and let logic grip them for an instant they would realize they will be overpaying for something that will be obsolete in a very short amount of time. Peopl say they will make $1000 profit? That means these will sell on ebay for $1700?? You could buy a brand new directX10 card, a core2 duo proc and the whole rig would cost you the same or less... and you know what.... the graphics will be better than ps3... and the games will be cheaper etc...

but people get caught up in the hoopla.. i think they see these lines and think "Oh Noes the Jones's are all gonna have teh ps3 and ill be left out of all the reindeer gamez!!" and they buy something they think will make them happy.... but in the end it will just make them fat.

RE: why so much demand?
By glennpratt on 11/17/2006 3:33:04 PM , Rating: 2
and they buy something they think will make them happy.... but in the end it will just make them fat.

Very true... everyone should keep that in mind during the holidays. Go ahead, buy something fun... but it WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY. At least not truly happy, that you have to figure out for yourself.

RE: why so much demand?
By peternelson on 11/17/2006 4:29:46 PM , Rating: 2
"they buy something they think will make them happy.... but in the end it will just make them fat"

NOT necessarily!

The x360 will have an improved eye-toy camera.

Based on my experience with original ps2 eye-toy, with dancing games, burger frying, wave-your-arm kung fu, kick the ball soccer.......

Some of these actually keep track on screen of the number of calories you are burning by leaping around.

So if it makes you fat or slimmer depends what games you play. However, sitting 24 hours in the cold will likely pre-burn up plenty to pay for the first few days of couch potato first person shooting ;-)

RE: why so much demand?
By peternelson on 11/18/2006 7:11:40 AM , Rating: 2
Sorry I meant to say the new camera is for PS3 rather than x360, silly mistake!

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