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Retailer GameStop will be unable to fulfill pre-orders

With all the rabid anticipation surrounding the PlayStation 3, it may sadden many of you to hear that Japan will not be the only territory that will face a cut in its launch numbers.

According to a GameSpot report, North American retailer GameStop (who also runs EB Games) has received a launch allocation that is less than its number of pre-orders.

On October 10, GameStop took PlayStation 3 pre-orders, which sold out nationwide within minutes. Most stores limited pre-orders to eight units, which was based on original Sony estimates on availability.

Now, it appears that many GameStop stores will be unable to honor its "launch day" pre-orders. A GameStop representative confirmed this news, but had no idea as to the extent of the supply shortfall.

"We are beginning to notify our customers that our initial shipment of PS3 systems will not be what we expected," the representative said. "As this is not an ideal situation, we are asking employees to wait to purchase systems until the second shipment. We are anticipating having systems to cover reservations before Christmas."

Customers with PS3 pre-orders from GameStop can expect to be contacted by phone shortly to confirm the status of their reservation. Those who will be left out of the initial round on launch day will be given a consolation item of a free used game or DVD of choice valued at $19.99 or less.

This development will have a ripple effect on those who have sold their pre-orders on eBay with the condition that the item will ship on launch day. Many eBay bidders will be very unhappy to learn that the thousands of dollars they spent on a launch-day PS3 will be facing delays.

Update: Analyst Colin Sebastian expects less PS3's on launch day than originally announced by Sony. He says:

"We expect Sony to deliver 150-200k units to stores in the United States for the launch; consumers without pre-orders may find it difficult to locate an available system. We estimate sales of approximately 750k PS3s domestically by year-end. We expect a more robust launch from Nintendo, with at least 1.2 million units sold in the U.S. and up to four million units shipped worldwide by year-end."

Read more in this Gamasutra story.

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By wuZheng on 11/14/2006 8:52:46 AM , Rating: 2
I dunno man, the article title looks pretty clear to me, "Playstation U.S. Numbers Cut." I don't see the word "Sony" in there, do you? And even if there was, if there was a shortage of PS3s allocated to GameStop/EBGames, that they expected but won't be getting, logic can derive who to blame for that, obviously the maker of the product, Sony... so yea, don't go mouthing off and calling editors who are much more competent than you in these matters, "fanbois" DailyTech delivers the news quite well, its just that some people refuse to accept it as such. Moron.

By peternelson on 11/14/2006 10:22:32 AM , Rating: 5
Since there is great interest in the total shipped and announcements of 400K, the reader naturally assumes from "playstation US numbers cut" that the story relates to the total, being implied as no further detail qualifies it.

Dailytech are not fanbois. Michel asked the rhetorichal question because the behaviour might make it appear that way.

"EB's reduced PS3 allocation cuts raise speculation about UA launch total" would have conveyed the story content better. The point of a title, synopsis, precis or abstract is that you can get the gist of the story without needing to read it first.

I have to admit the title gave me the wrong impression, and it was only when I read the story I discovered there was no evidence relating to any change in total shipments.

As a news provider, Dailytech could improve by making titles reflect the story content, that's all we're saying.

By bplewis24 on 11/14/2006 12:38:05 PM , Rating: 1
I dunno man, the article title looks pretty clear to me, "Playstation U.S. Numbers Cut." I don't see the word "Sony" in there, do you? And even if there was, if there was a shortage of PS3s allocated to GameStop/EBGames, that they expected but won't be getting, logic can derive who to blame for that, obviously the maker of the product, Sony

Actually, you come off as pretty illogical yourself. "Playstation U.S. Numbers Cut" specifically implies that the numbers available to the U.S. were cut or not able to be met. The first post is precisely correct: the headline is entirely misleading. EB Games/Gamestop can't fill their pre-orders. That's all we know at this point until further information is leaked.

That, however, is not the same as saying Sony has a shortage. For all we know those excess units were allocated to other stores. There is also a rumor that the shipments were scaled back to supply more units to Japan, however unlikely--prima facie--that sounds. Back on point, your assumption that there is a shortage to EB Games/Gamestop and that it's based on Sony's inability to produce the target 400,000 units is just assumption. An assumption that could be true, but an assumption nonetheless. Therefore, the original poster is entirely justified in his rant (even if he does come off a bit hysterical about it).

The bottom line is, logic does NOT dictate that Sony cut the shipments. It dictates that there are only a few possibilities, and that Sony being unable to make their shipments is ONE of them. But the fact that they were able to produce more than the anticipated 80,000 units for Japan brings that into question. We just have to wait til this weekend to find out the truth.


By peternelson on 11/14/2006 4:47:15 PM , Rating: 2
Brandon if that is genuine then it is a big story.

All I get is "Database error:
The database has encountered a problem." so maybe the server is suffering the slash-dot effect.

If NA only gets 200-300K instead of 400K, there will be many more disappointed than 9000 at EB.

That's what I would call a real news story and would justify the original title!

Hey, maybe they had a change of heart and decided to send us Europeans some 100,000 PS3 for Xmas (joke).

"DailyTech is the best kept secret on the Internet." -- Larry Barber
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