AMD Personal Internet Communicator

AMD's Personal Internet Communicator gets the boot

AMD's $185 Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) was introduced in 2004 and has never amounted to any serious financial gains for AMD. With little interest in the device and wide-support building for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative, AMD saw no other choice but to can the project. The PIC was seen as AMD's first step in its 50x15 initiative to provide low-cost computing technologies to emerging markets.

The 3-pound PIC featured an AMD Geode GX processor, 4 USB ports, 10GB hard drive, 56k modem, integrated audio controller and VGA output. The device ran Windows CE 5.0 and included Internet Explorer 6.0, Macromedia Flash, PowerPoint viewer software, Windows Messenger, a spreadsheet application, an image viewer and zip compression software.

As for the OLPC, which is now called the XO, production has just begun for the device. The first ten hand-built units were just recently assembled and another 900 are expected to be produced by Quanta next week. It was recently reported that the XO had garnered support from Brazilian government while at the same time lost support from Thailand.

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