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Sony trumps Microsoft on storage upgrades with its PS3

When Microsoft announced its Xbox Live Video service that would allow gamers to download high-definition movies and television shows, it started getting some serious flak for the smallish 20GB HDD included with the Xbox 360 Platinum. Sure, the drive had been criticized in the past as it only had about 13GB of useable space from the start; but adding downloadable movies to the mix along with the already abundant game demos and trailers just makes matters worse.

Microsoft didn't make matters any better when pressed on the issue of a larger hard drive being added to the Xbox 360's arsenal in the future. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg suggested that gamers buy an additional 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive and a 64MB memory card to alleviate storage concerns.

Sony is making things a bit easier for gamers with its PlayStation 3. Sony encourages its customers to upgrade their hard drives and even gives them instructions on how to do so in the PS3 user manual. The HDD used in the PS3 is a standard 2.5" SATA unit, so just about any drive should work should you crave more storage space.

Sony has a serious leg up on Microsoft in this aspect of the PS3's design. A quick trip over to Newegg shows that a 120GB Toshiba drive will set you back $100 while a spacious 160GB Hitachi drive will cost you $165. A second 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive will cost you $100 and the rumored 80GB drive would more than likely top the $200 mark.

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Excellent idea Sony!
By whymeintrouble on 11/12/2006 2:28:21 AM , Rating: 4
this is the best thing I've heard yet for Sony. just imagine the possible entertainment value in having larger hdds. HD content and still room for your games. Maybe M$ needs to take a look at that.

just a thought.

RE: Excellent idea Sony!
By FITCamaro on 11/12/2006 10:27:00 AM , Rating: 2
Of course Sony just kind of killed any real reason for buying the 60GB PS3. If I can get a 120GB drive for $100 and throw it in my PS3, why would I pay $100 more for the 60GB version. Yeah the 60GB version has wifi but I wouldn't use wifi with it anyway (not enough bandwidth and susceptible to interference).

This definitely is a plug for Sony among many negatives. Hopefully Microsoft will open up the 360 to let you swap out hard drives.

RE: Excellent idea Sony!
By stmok on 11/12/2006 10:57:12 AM , Rating: 2
I doubt MS will open up the 360. They've spent so much effort in preventing hackers and modders screwing around with it, that to do so, would jeopardise their initial intention. (that is, to stop you from f**king around with their console, and reducing the likelyhood of mod-chips).

Sony seems to be taking the opposite approach. (to some extent).

The HDD is upgradeable, the PS3 games are said to be region-free, (The PS2 ones remain as they are), and the inclusion of Linux-compatibility.

Granted, I doubt they will let you access the Nvidia RSX chip, but at least there is a distro available for it (free download), which includes the source code. So you can tinker with the Cell processor.
(PS3 one is not available yet, as they haven't released version 5)

IBM also seems to be helping out with a website dedicated for Cell processor software development info.

RE: Excellent idea Sony!
By whymeintrouble on 11/12/06, Rating: -1
RE: Excellent idea Sony!
By Brandon Hill on 11/12/2006 1:46:00 PM , Rating: 5
RE: Excellent idea Sony!
By Arkham1 on 11/12/2006 4:08:03 PM , Rating: 2
The 20GB version doesn't have the card-reader or WiFi, so that nixes a wireless connection and PSP integration for the forseeable future.

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