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Well, at least the weather's nice in Burbank

Several dedicated, or perhaps insane, people hoping to score a PlayStation 3 at launch have started to camp outside a Burbank, California, Best Buy location nearly two weeks before the system's launch date.

A poster on the Cheap Gamer forums who spotted the small crowd outside reports, "I saw about 7 people waiting outside. I went inside and one of the workers told me that they had been there since Monday."

He continued, "The awesome thing was, as I was waiting outside, I saw a bunch of people coming to Best Buy and picking up Gears of War. A few people made some funny remarks. One guy is like, 'I hope you guys brought enough food!' Another one said, 'Where is the line for PS4? Is it on the other side?'"

Flickr member Shogmaster also snapped pictures of the forming line. According to one of the captions from the photos, the man who is first in line "took rest of his vacation days of this year from work to engage in this incredulous endeavor."

While the people at the Burbank Best Buy must wait another eight days, Japanese gamers today get their first taste of PlayStation 3. Stay tuned for coverage of Sony's Japanese launch.

Update: It seems as though the pre-launch lawn chair party outside of Best Buy is over. A pair of Kotakus paid a visit to the Burbank location only to find that the line of lifers had vanished.

According to the story a "blue shirt" relayed, "There were twenty people [in the line up]. They had been here for four days ... they had a rude awakening this morning. The employees told them to leave. Our manager. Our regional manager came over. They wouldn't leave. So they called the cops."

Best Buy posed a sign on its doors informing potential campers that lines will not be tolerated prior to the day of release, which basically means no loitering until the clock strikes 12.

A possible reason for Best Buy to take action against the eager campers is legal liability. Considering that the line activity was on Best Buy property, the company could be held liable for any harm or anguish that may come to the campers.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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