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FedEx kicks the Airbus A380 to the curb
Airbus loses 10 orders for the A380 worth $2.5 billion USD

After some pretty hefty setbacks with its A380 superjumbo program, Airbus was dealt another blow today by FedEx with the announcement that the shipping company would cancel its orders for the A380-800F. FedEx has originally signed on to purchase 10 of the superjumbos, but will now instead purchase 15 Boeing 777s.

"The decision to purchase Boeing 777s was taken after Airbus announced significant delays for delivery of A380s. Global package demand continues to grow and we need the appropriate aircraft to meet that demand," said Maury Lane, a spokesman at FedEx Express.

FedEx's first batch of four 777s will arrive in 2009 with eight more coming in 2010. FedEx will take delivery of the remaining aircraft in 2011 and has taken options to purchase at least 15 more planes. "We are very pleased to meet the needs of such an important customer," said a spokesman for Boeing.

Airbus announced back in September that it was delaying its A380 due to problems with the plane's wiring layout. In early October, Airbus announced that the A380 would be delayed by at least a year.

When asked to comment on the FedEx announcement, an Airbus spokesman remarked that the company "regrets FedEx's decision, but we understand their need to urgently address capacity issues." The spokesman went on to say "We still expect the A380 freighter to be a successful program from the outset, although we did not expect demand to be very high at the start."

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RE: A380
By cochy on 11/7/2006 6:40:16 PM , Rating: 2
I was an Air Traffic Controller when the first Airbus started flying in the USA. Very quickly they were nicknamed SCAREBUS!

Why is that?

RE: A380
By Kip RATTS on 11/7/2006 7:21:55 PM , Rating: 2
Gross under performance! They couldn't climb or turn as well as the competition. Made my life very nerve-wracking.

RE: A380
By Griswold on 11/8/2006 4:44:39 AM , Rating: 1
And what does that have to do with the A380? Or are you implying that the A380 was flying in the US 20some years ago?

RE: A380
By ThisSpaceForRent on 11/8/2006 7:53:09 AM , Rating: 1
My brother's friend is a pilot who has flown Airbus planes, and he said the fly-by-wire system sucks. You go to bank, and then wait for the aircraft to do something. We were joking about what you would have to do in case of an emergency =) Just push the controls to which ever direction you wanted to go, smoke a cigarette, and hope for the best.

RE: A380
By Clauzii on 11/8/2006 11:27:24 PM , Rating: 2
But they can't be THAT scarry, since there are thousands of "scarebus"'s flying around right now.

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