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The Big N plans to actually supply the demand

With all the warnings of shortages for Sony's new console, Nintendo is sits on the other side  by announcing that it will have approximately four million Wii systems available globally during the six weeks between Wii's November 19 launch in the Americas and the end of 2006.

Even with the impressive lot of consoles, Nintendo is expecting sell-outs and plans to maximize all its resources to rapidly replenish retailers' shelves as often as possible.

"Wii is for both experienced and uninitiated gamers, and it will be available for the masses," says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "Because of demand, we're urging shoppers not to get complacent. The level of demand we're seeing goes beyond the ordinary. Retailers are telling us a significant fraction of customers pre-ordering Wii are nontraditional gamers -- people looking for a better way to play. And that's exactly what Wii is designed to provide."

Nintendo cites several sources for its extreme optimism in Wii sales, one being a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association which estimates a 27 percent spending increase this holiday season on electronic goods.

Wii goes on sale in the Americas November 19 at an MSRP of $249.99 (CDN$279.99), and comes packed with Wii Sports. A total of 62 new and classic games will be available for Wii during the five weeks after launch. The American launch is followed by the December 2 Japanese launch and the December 8 European launch.

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RE: wow
By Clauzii on 11/2/2006 3:35:59 PM , Rating: 2
I know You couldn't have modded him down, since you've posted.
What I mean is that since PS3 got delayed a lot, at the same time people have bin able to save up for it :)

And when PS3s are enough in shipment they will be the new talk of the day, taking away attention from Wii. I'd be surprised if Wii sells the 15-20 mill units Nintendo want's.

RE: wow
By Aikouka on 11/2/2006 3:53:33 PM , Rating: 2
Eh, like I mentioned in the comment above... it's all about the games for some people (including myself). I never bought an XBOX 360, because I didn't like any of the games on except maybe Dead or Alive 4. I eventually ended up buying one for Ninety-Nine Nights only to dislike the English audio. Now I've got a couple other games that are pretty decent overall, so I guess it was an alright purchase, but I pretty much waited until a year after it came out to get one, because the titles simply weren't there. But Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey should see some money come their way from me ;).

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