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RTM on November 30, retail availability on January 30

It looks as though Microsoft is getting its ducks in a row when it comes to final countdown for Windows Vista and Office 2007. According to APC Magazine, Microsoft has earmarked November 30 as the RTM date for both Vista and Office 2007.

For retail customers, the expected launch date is January 30, 2007 for both software releases. This confirms the launch dates leaked by in late August. APC Magazine reports:

For Vista, this will include a build number of 6000, which also matches the 6.0 reference that denotes Microsoft considers this the sixth full version of their beloved OS. Both Windows 95 line and NT 4.0 were officially stamped as Windows version 4 (or variants, such as Windows 98 being 4.1); Windows 2000 was christened as version 5, and XP anointed as Windows version 5.1 (due to its being built on the NT/2000 codebase).

Pricing for Windows Vista will range from $199/$99 (full/upgrade) for Vista Home Basic to $399/$259 for Vista Ultimate. Prices for Office 2007 start at $149 for Office Home and Student 2007 and top out at $499/$329 (full/upgrade) for Office Professional 2007.

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Vista, the XP we need to relearn.
By HexiumVII on 11/2/2006 4:47:27 PM , Rating: 2
Running the lastest build, i'm quite surpised on how well it runs old software and drivers. There are almost no issues. It even runs my old Tablet (1st gen Toshiba) pretty quickly, even when there are no video drivers install (it actually feels faster than XP). Virtual PC beta runs fine and i'll be testing more software soon. Overall it seems like a much smoother transition than i had expected. However, i haven't really noticed any real improvements over XP, everything can easily be emulated by 3rd party apps at pretty much the same speed other than the 3D task manager, which is actually really useless. They should have stolen Macs expose. The jump will be pretty much 2000->XP, once you make it, you wouldn't want to go back.

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