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The West Virginia education system hopes to use a video game to help battle obesity. Some kids just don't want to go outside and be active

It really no secret that adolescent obesity is a common problem that possibly doesn't get enough serious attention in the United States.  West Virginia, a state with one of the worst obesity problems in the nation, plans to implement the video game "Dance Dance Revolution" to help increase the physical activity of middle school students.  If all goes according to plan, every middle school in the state will be using the game within three years. 

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By shortylickens on 2/6/2006 10:44:14 PM , Rating: 2
While I do see the point of this plan, you dont need to spend money on video games or expensive VR stuff. We already have Counterstrike in the real world. Its called paintball. (To a lesser extent we also have airsoft, but that can get expensive.)
Most Middle Schools I know about already have dances for the students. The only reason I see for buying dancing games is Junior High kids will pay more attention if something is hi-tech.

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