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Could Google be a spook?
Is Google's quest to manage the world's information leading straight to the CIA?

Former CIA clandestine case officer Robert David Steele made some very hot comments on his appearance on the Alex Jones radio show. Steele cites his contacts within the agency with the information that Google and the CIA are involved with one another.

Steele said, "I think that Google has made a very important strategic mistake in dealing with the secret elements of the U.S. government - that is a huge mistake and I’m hoping they’ll work their way out of it and basically cut that relationship off."

In reference to Google's fight against the U.S. Department of Justice for the privacy of its users, Steele claims that it was an elaborate charade intended for the public eye.

"Google was a little hypocritical when they were refusing to honor a Department of Justice request for information because they were heavily in bed with the Central Intelligence Agency, the office of research and development," concluded Steele.

From reports, Steele did not bring evidence to light in order to back up his claims, and neither Google nor the CIA are yet commenting on the matter.

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RE: Rampant Speculation
By gordypordy on 11/1/2006 12:46:14 PM , Rating: 0
There's only one thing in this world more certain than death and taxes....

...If there's a conspiracy somewhere....anywhere.... the CIA will be landed with the blame for at least some part of it!

Heck, one could almost mistake the acronym CIA as meaning Criminality In Abundance .

The one thing I learned about 'conspiracy theorists' is this, they will ALWAYS find a conspiracy in everything they look for a conspiracy. When you fill your mind with that kind of crapology, you better believe it will do your nut in. You'll end up like Mel Gibson's character in that hoot of a movie he made about conspiracy theorists.

Alex Jones is a hoot, and if everything Alex Jones' said is true, then he should be dead by now. After all, ain't that what conspiracies are all about? Expose 'the truth' and you as good as sign your death warrant! Funny how these guys are all still walking about 'revealing' ever more 'conspiracies'. You gotta admire the marketing technique though, great way to punt your own website! Almost better than google ads, and way much cheaper apparently. Just make a video about some hot planetary topic, plaster your website address all over, and BINGO, you got an over night success story in the viewing ratings.

As for google, I h8 the kunts for disabling my google adsense account... so here's hoping they are in bed with the CIA, coz apparently everyone who gets into bed with them ends up dead !!!





(Jesus Fucking Krist) Gotcha !

RE: Rampant Speculation
By Wwhat on 11/2/2006 1:19:54 AM , Rating: 2
Funny you mention a movie in which the conspiracy theorist was right, and he was right to try do something about it too.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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