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As the start-up buffet continues

In Google's game of acquisition Pac-man, wiki company JotSpot plays the latest pellet to be gobbled up. Joe Kraus, co-founder and CEO, of JotSpot revealed in a blog entry about how well his company will fit-in and benefit from being under Google's roof.

"As we built the business over the past three years Google consistently attracted our attention," Kraus wrote. "We watched them acquire Writely, and launch Google Groups, Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps for Your Domain.
"It was pretty apparent that Google shared our vision for how groups of people can create, manage and share information online. Then when we had conversations with people at Google we found ourselves completing each other's sentences," he continued. "Joining Google allows us to plug into the resources that only a company of Google's scale can offer, like a huge audience, access to world-class data centers and a team of incredibly smart people."

Kraus says that the next step will be incorporating JotSpot with Google Spreadsheets and Writely, which Google also acquired earlier this year. JotSpot will also try to expand its audience for wiki by levering Google's name and far reaching influence.

JotSpot's wiki technology allows users to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries without the need for HTML knowledge. Businesses are using JotSpot to manage projects, build an intranet, share files and stay in sync with colleagues and customers.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This marks the latest in a string of Google acquisitions. Google grabbed YouTube earlier this month for $1.65 billion in stock.

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By Spacecomber on 11/1/2006 10:09:43 AM , Rating: 3
Will "google" eventually become synonymous with "gobble-up" and "acquire"? Just as we now say, "I went online and googled some information on blablablah" will we eventually be saying "I went to the mall and to google some new clothes" or recalling that old Alka Seltzer ad, "I can't believe that I googled the whole thing" (with someone else chiming in, "Yeah, you googled it.")

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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