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eBay updates its policies on PS3, Wii pre-order listings

eBay has instituted a new policy when it comes to Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii pre-order auction listings.  After cleaning up the site of PS3 pre-order listings, the company has instituted even more strict guidelines that could put a damper on sellers looking to rake in the big bucks selling the consoles and should help protect buyers in the process.

In a posting on the eBay "General Announcements" board, the following restrictions/policy updates have been put into play regarding PS3 and Wii pre-order auctions:

  • Only one of each console can be listed per eBay account prior to the launch of the console (PS3 is expected to be available on 11/17/06, Wii on 11/19/06).
  • The seller must only accept payment through PayPal, and have at least 50 feedback with a 98% or greater positive rating so that they qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection.
  • The pre-sale item must be listed in the 3, 5, 7 or 10-day formats, and cannot use Buy It Now.
  • The listing must include a photo of your pre-order receipt in the description.

The new policy should make buyers feel a little bit better when bidding on a PS3 or Wii auctions in the coming weeks, but eBay is a big place and rogue listings are still sure to pop up from time to time.

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RE: Good.
By othercents on 10/27/2006 5:43:00 PM , Rating: 1
Now that Ebay has removed the ability to list them as BIN auctions, I bet we will see a lot less $1300 PS3 sales and a lot more $700-$800.

I disagree. The first day the Xbox360 launched almost 30 of them went for over $1300 and some for almost $2000. Now that the PS3 has less supply it is very possible that they will go for more than the Xbox360s did. Most of those where not BIN prices, but actual bids. My friend had one he put out without a BIN and it was bid all the way up to $1250 before the auction ended.


RE: Good.
By throughhyperspace on 10/30/2006 10:26:58 AM , Rating: 2
I agree.. last Thursday, I saw a PS3 going for $1800 with three minutes left. Most others were in the $1200-1400 range. Wii's were upwards of $700 for those that inculded LoZ and CoD 3, most others were around $500-600. The "new" restrictions were already in place on the auctions I looked at.

If people are willing to pay it, I have no problem with it. Whether or not its hysteria for demand to reach these price levels is another debate entirely.

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