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Microsoft rolls out the final version of its anti-spyware utility

Microsoft has released the final version of its Windows Defender anti-spyware utility. The program has been in beta for the past two years and is now available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Windows Defender is a product of the Microsoft acquisition of GIANT Software. The December 16, 2004 acquisition resulted in the first iteration of the software, Windows AntiSpyware, which was a thinly veiled copy of GIANT’s AntiSpyware. Over the past two years, numerous updates have been made to the utility along with the name change to Windows Defender.

Windows Defender incorporates Real-Time Protection to monitor systems for spyware activity, automated spyware removal with scheduled scans, full integration with Internet Explorer 7.0 and automatic spyware definition updates from Microsoft.

Windows Defender is available freely to all customers running a genuine copy of Windows. Microsoft has also announced that customers will each be allowed to report two support incidents for free with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

With Symantec having already reported Microsoft to the European Union for anti-trust violations over its Kernel PatchGuard protection in Vista, there's no telling how Symantec and McAfee feel about Microsoft offering a free anti-spyware utility.

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Good but not enough
By wrack on 10/24/2006 7:47:21 PM , Rating: 2
I have been using it since the day it came out, it was pretty good in the beginning but I am not sure if Microsoft is keeping the signature database up-to-date as other Anti Spyware companies.

I had few spywares in which I needed to remove. So I first updated the signatures if there are any available and then I run the normal scan while the Spyware EXE was running and it couldn't detect it. So I ran a full system scan (deep scan) and no joy either.

So I downloaded Spybot S&D and wolla it detected those buggers and kicked them out. So now I am thinking if I can put that trust back and try it again..!

RE: Good but not enough
By imaheadcase on 10/24/2006 7:53:07 PM , Rating: 2
They keep it up to date, almost everyday windows Vista tells me a new update is available. I just disabled it :P

RE: Good but not enough
By Christopher1 on 10/25/2006 1:19:15 AM , Rating: 2
The problem is that it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to know every kind of spyware that is out there. Lavasoft, Spybot and Microsoft don't share information...... so they are in a triple-blind situation where they have to find everything three times, once for each company.

A stupid way to do things, yes. But the way that apparently the anti-spyware companies want it done.

RE: Good but not enough
By Wwhat on 10/25/06, Rating: -1
RE: Good but not enough
By hondaman on 10/25/2006 2:26:01 AM , Rating: 3
I dont like MS as much as the next guy, but you make some pretty bizarre, unsubstantiated claims as fact.

Please at least try attempt to offer any ounce of evidence supporting your personal theories about MS before spouting them off in public and embarrassing yourself.

RE: Good but not enough
By Wwhat on 10/26/2006 10:31:18 PM , Rating: 2
You want supporting evidence? here it is (only 2 of them): WMP and IE
You really think that having a system where videos have urls embeded like windowsmedia had is anything but a deliberate hole for instance?
You really think all those convenient holes that were known to be in IE for many versions and years were an accident? you think microsoft is that specifically pathetic that they could not fix any of it before being forced to?

Dream on on your fluffy pillow of incredible naïve trust and dark glasses.

"Ooops our WGA accidentally transmitted lots of information to us every damn day, our bad!"

RE: Good but not enough
By MrDiSante on 10/24/2006 8:15:21 PM , Rating: 2
Haven't had any undetected spyware on any of my machines (had a few instances caught), and believe me I know all of the process names. Anyhow to each his own, it still has the highest detection rate (there was a study somewhere about a year ago). It's free and it's got software explorer which is a nifty feature. I like it.

RE: Good but not enough
By CookieAbomination on 10/24/2006 8:28:40 PM , Rating: 5
I had few spywares in which I needed to remove.


RE: Good but not enough
By SLEEPER5555 on 10/25/2006 2:59:19 AM , Rating: 2
haaa, movie comes out 11-3

RE: Good but not enough
By sprockkets on 10/25/06, Rating: -1
RE: Good but not enough
By lamerz4391 on 10/26/2006 10:45:51 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah? What other sites? Can you substantiate your claims?

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini

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