Upcoming Nokia 770 successor - Image courtesy T3
Now with GPS capabilities...

British gadget site T3 has the scoop on Nokia’s upcoming successor to the previously released Nokia 770 tablet. The Nokia 770 successor is expected to pack more entertainment features into a smaller form factor.

Early images of the user interface show the device as being named Nokia 330, which would actually suggest the new device is a step down from the Nokia 770. New to the Nokia 330 is GPS navigation capabilities. The Nokia 330 also features a 3.5” screen for DivX video and MP3 audio playback. There’s also a photo viewing option as well. The new device will almost certainly sport a touch sensitive screen again, as there only appear to be five external buttons.

As with the current Nokia 770, the Nokia 330 doesn’t appear to possess mobile phone capabilities. Like other Nokia devices, the upcoming device seems to run a proprietary OS, likely Nokia OS 2006.

Earlier this year, Nokia announced that it would partner with Google to integrate software like GMail and GTalk into the Nokia OS, and specifically the Nokia 770

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