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Everything short of seppuku

After all the problems the company's been going through due to its battery fiasco, Sony executives finally emerged to publicly apologize for the inconvenience its electronic components have caused worldwide.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for causing worries over safety of lithium-ion batteries," Sony Corporate Executive Officer Yutaka Nakagawa said, bowing apologetically with two other executives in Japanese tradition at a news conference at a Tokyo hotel, reports the Associated Press.

"We want to put this behind us," Nakagawa said. "I take this problem seriously and I want to finish the replacement program as quickly as possible for the sake of our users and corporate customers."

Sony spokesperson Naofumi Hara clarified what Nakagawa meant by "safety."

"This is not a safety issue," said Hara. "This is about addressing people's concerns which have become a social problem, and we made the managerial decision that the recall was necessary."

Sony also confirmed that the battery recalls are causing a global shortage. According to Reuters, Nakagawa said the company was in talks with PC makers about enlisting the help of other, perhaps even competing, battery makers to meet demand.

The embarrassment caused by the recalls are having some question Sony's technical prowess.

When asked about the likelihood that PC makers may stop using Sony batteries and switch to other manufacturers, Nakagawa responded: "We think there is a good chance for something like that to happen."

Still, Sony stands strong saying its battery disaster won't deter the company from the business. "The battery operation is a very important business for us. We have no intention of quitting it or scaling it down," Nakagawa added.

Sony recently projected its lowest profit in five years due to the financial hit the company will take in replacing faulty batteries.

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RE: Thats nice
By rushfan2006 on 10/25/2006 8:56:46 AM , Rating: 2
Don't feel sorry for the shareholders. They're the reason corporations cut corners in the first place. All about making the shareholders happy.

Your lack of understanding of the corporate and financial worlds - and how they have a simbiotic(spelling?) relationship is astounding.

In short...corporate shareholders make the corporate world go round - if it wasn't for shareholders there would be much less of the products you and I have come to enjoy and even rely on - from cars to get us to work, to our luxuries like our gaming PCs and our consoles....

Feel sorry for the shareholders? least the ones that did long hours of research before they invested and thought it as a wise decision at the time.

RE: Thats nice
By blwest on 10/25/2006 9:06:35 AM , Rating: 2
I think you're wrong. It's obvious anything is legal in the business world as long as the shareholders make money. Had enron not lost any money and shareholders had a fat check in the bank, the execs at enron would have been praised, not sent to jail.

Your lack of understanding of the corporate and financial worlds - and how they have a simbiotic(spelling?) relationship is astounding.

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