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Sony's New Math prices Xbox 360 cost at almost $700

An official Sony document that compares next-generation consoles has been floating around the 'net lately, which we first spotted on Engadget. The document claims that the actual total cost of the Xbox 360 is $698, which apparently has much of the Xbox fan community up in arms.

Much of the controversy stems from the fact that Sony built Microsoft's console setup by starting with a Core system ($299) and then adding on a 20 GB hard drive ($100), a wireless controller ($50), an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($50) and the optional HD-DVD drive ($199), all of which add up to $698. (See figure 1.)

The argument against Sony's method is that it could have started with the Xbox 360 Premium package which, while $100 more than the Core, includes the 20 GB HD and wireless controller, shaving $150 off Sony's figures. The inclusion of the Xbox Live Gold subscription is debatable, as it is still unclear as to how Sony's online service compares to Microsoft's free Xbox Live Silver service.

The $199 HD-DVD drive, though not essential to gaming on the Xbox 360, is added to Sony's comparison on the basis that the PlayStation 3 also doubles as a Blu-ray movie player. Thus, the HD-DVD add-on is 'required' in order for the Xbox 360 to stay competitive in the HD movie space. To shed more light on this reasoning, Engadget received the following response from Dave Karraker, Senior Director of Corporate Communications for SCEA:

"Through our comparison chart we are not implying that you must purchase the myriad of peripherals and add-ons that Microsoft offers to play your Xbox 360. You don't. However, if you want to attempt to come close to the performance of the $499 PlayStation 3 by using your Xbox 360, Core or Premium, you could only do that through expensive add-ons -- that is what our chart is demonstrating. Once you add it all up, it would cost you more than our $499 unit, and you would still not come close to everything we offer, ie: free multiplayer gaming, 50GB storage capacity of Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray disc player for games AND movies, processing power of the Cell Broadband Engine."

One glaring omission from Sony's price comparison is that in order to take full advantage of PlayStation 3's high-definition capabilities, gamers will have to purchase HDMI cables that are not included with either versions of the console. On the other hand, Microsoft includes component cables with every Xbox 360 Premium.

Our own analysis of Sony's document also turned up other peculiarities. Under the "Wireless Communication" field, Sony lists its own machine to have 802.11b, making us scratch our heads at the missing "g". (See figure 3.)

A quick call to Sony, however, cleared up this small matter and we were sent an updated spec-sheet that restores the missing letter and confirms that the 60 GB PlayStation 3 does indeed come standard with IEEE 802.11b/g. (See figure 4.)

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It's a games console
By FITCamaro on 10/24/2006 4:28:43 PM , Rating: 3
First and foremost. To play games, Xbox 360 premium = $399. PS3 = $499.

Xbox 360 wins.

If you care about Blu-ray, sure the PS3 is a nice deal. However the US manufacturers announcement that they're supporting HD-DVD is yet one more blow to Blu-ray. So I don't see it as becoming the dominant format for movies and slowly becoming a data backup format.

Now the PS3 as a Linux box to run a front end for Myth TV as someone else previously mentioned in another thread, that intrigues me. But $600 for a games console? No. I plan to eventually get all three systems. But I'll wait for the 65nm Xbox360 CPU and a price drop on the PS3. So that leaves me getting the Wii this holiday season assuming Super Smash Bros comes out (not sure on the release date).

RE: It's a games console
By FITCamaro on 10/24/2006 4:29:49 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry. Meant $500 not $600.

RE: It's a games console
By Visual on 10/25/2006 3:57:10 AM , Rating: 2
However the US manufacturers announcement that they're supporting HD-DVD is yet one more blow to Blu-ray.

What? You're on pills, right?
Oh, you mean Toshiba and... well... um... Toshiba? Oh wait that's a Japanese manufacturer. Same as Sanyo, with the difference that they only talked and didn't actually manufacture anything HDDVD. Come to think of it, even their talk was so long ago they probably had forgotten already.
So who did you mean? RCA, with their rebadged Toshiba? You call that "manufacturing"?
Face it, toshiba is the only hddvd manufacturer yet. Actually, even in their systems the hddvd drive itself wasn't made by them but by NEC, which is now partnering with Sony and announced they won't be making any more HDDVD drives. Everyone is behind bluray now.

Back on the original topic though - xbox fans got one thing right - the 360 is cheaper, and will be so for quite a while, hands down, no matter what crappy comparison charts anyone pulls out. Especially while the PS3 supply is limited in the couple months left of this year, and likely Q1 next year too, inflating its price even more.
Once the initial launch is over and more units are available, it'd be no surprise if the PS3 gets cheaper, comparable to the 360.

"Xbox 360 wins", you got that right. Its just because of the significant head start it got, and is quite natural. That doesn't stop Sony from successfully selling all units they manage to produce though. Just too bad for them they couldn't start it earlier and in better volume.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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