Adobe expects to have the official Flash 9 release for Linux sometime in 2007

Adobe has recently released the beta version of Flash Player 9 for the Linux operating system. The Linux version has most of the same features that users are used to with Windows and Macintosh versions of Flash 9. The beta, which was released on Wednesday, does not support a full-screen mode or support for SSL encryption. Adobe, however, said that both features will be available in the final version of the program. Developers will also be able to use Adobe's Flex 2 software developer kit to help develop new applications.

System requirements for the Linux beta:
  • 800 Mhz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 128MB graphics card
The program should work on all major mainstream Linux operating systems, but Adobe has only tested it with Red Hat and Novell SUSE systems. The final version of Adobe's Linux Flash Player 9 should be available sometime next year.

Some open source technology supporters have criticized Adobe for taking too long to offer Linux versions of its products. In the company's defense, Adobe claims that it is continuing to evaluate Linux development as demand for open source technology increases.

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