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Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-S1

LocationFree TV Box LF-Box1
Sony remains determined in PlayStation 3 product; puts movie players on hold

It was discovered by an AVS Forum poster that Sony's Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-S1 has been pushed back to a target availability of "On or about December 4, 2006," marking the third delay for the product. This is small proof that Sony is indeed suspending shipments of blue diode lasers for Blu-ray movie players in favor of PlayStation 3 manufacturing (story), despite the fact that BDP-S1 will retail for a more profitable $999.95.

In another Sony delay, the company has postponed the release of its LocationFree TV Box LF-Box1, a device that will let you watch content on displays such as your TV, laptop and PSP. According a statement received by AP, the reason for delay is not due to manufacturing, but rather the need for more time to better adapt its remote controller to more models of DVD recorders and other machines the product will connect with. The delay applies to the Japanese release date, which has been pushed from October 27 to November 17. Sony still lists an October North American release for its LF-B20.

Industry onlookers are beginning to express concern over Sony's technical capabilities, especially after Ken Kutaragi's much publicized statement.

"What has become of the Sony known for its technology?" asked Akira Amari, Japan's trade minister and former Sony employee. "I hope it will solve its problems soon to quickly recover its brand image reputed for technological prowess."

When asked if Sony's reputation is suffering due to its numerous recent product delays, Sony spokeswoman Natsuki Eto said that the company decided a delay was better if the product will be compatible with more of the latest models.

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RE: Who makes these blue lasers?
By BladeVenom on 10/21/2006 12:55:52 PM , Rating: 2
I think blue laser diodes were licensed to several companies for manufacture. I don't know where Sony get's theirs, but I would guess it's probably from more than one source.

RE: Who makes these blue lasers?
By podknocker on 10/21/2006 2:34:54 PM , Rating: 3
I may be wrong, but I think a company called Nichia finally got a blue semiconductor working about 15 years ago.

The engineer who finally made it viable was rewarded with very little and I think he went to work for Sony around 10 years ago.

It is possible that Sony paid Nichia a vast amount for the blue laser technology and are now, at last, getting round to using these in commercial products.

I remember reading about this stuff many years ago in my local library but it all seems very fuzzy now.

I hope someone knows exactly what the history is behind the blue laser and can post a thread shortly.

I wonder if violet or ultra-violet lasers are possible in the near future. Love to know what sort of material would be needed for such a high energy unit. Perhaps the days are numbered for this type of medium and fractal holographic storage is perhaps, just round the corner.

RE: Who makes these blue lasers?
By podknocker on 10/21/2006 2:38:40 PM , Rating: 5
RE: Who makes these blue lasers?
By UppityMatt on 10/23/2006 4:59:26 PM , Rating: 2
Thanks for posting that link, very informative

"I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For [Paramount] to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks!" -- Movie Director Michael Bay
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