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We chronicle our own experience of lining up in hopes to snag the PS3 and Wii

Yesterday came and went, and with it were the last (of the first) round of EB Games/GameStop PlayStation 3 and Wii pre-orders for USA and Canada. With all the news of the PS3 pre-order fallout, we decided to check things out first-hand.

Nearly everyone who tried to get a pre-order has a story to tell, DailyTech staff included. Editor-in-Chief Kristopher Kubicki somehow found himself in line at a local GameStop an hour before opening Friday morning to snag a Wii pre-order. Even with the widespread news from Nintendo that Wii should be in plenty supply, gamers still waited at stores before opening time and snatched up all pre-orders within minutes.

DailyTech's Canadian editor shared a similar experience, except EB Games Canada lumped together the pre-orders for both new consoles on the same day. EB Games stores that were not situated in malls opened early at 8:30AM specifically for pre-ordering. We arrived on the scene at 7:00AM (we would have been there earlier, but there was news to be done) to find about a dozen gamers standing outside in the cold. Some had brought their own foldable chairs along with blankets for warmth. Nine people were there waiting for PS3 with the rest for Wii. The first person for PS3 was there just before midnight, with the 8th hitting the line by 3:00AM. We knew ahead of time that most EB Games stores would only be doing 8 pre-orders for PS3, so we left for another location -- one in a mall that opened at 10:00AM.

We were half expecting an even larger group inside the mall, mainly because it was in a more popular location and gamers didn't have to wait out in the cold, but we still took our chances. It turned out to be a wasted effort (except for the comedic value) as we saw well over 50 people by the store doors.

With nothing else better to do, we returned to the original 'outdoor' location to see what kind of pandemonium there would be at the 8:30AM opening. The crowd had split into two: a line of 8 for PS3 and a line of 15 for Wii, which yours truly managed to be the last one for the latter. While the PS3 line were all composed of young adult males, the Wii line was a bit more diverse with the addition of females, some of which were buying it for themselves and others for their children who were in school.

Our experiences were largely uneventful, but we've heard reports of mall security guards abusing their mall-cop powers by letting select individuals of their choice into the malls before the doors opened to the public. Others report extremely positive line-mates stories of sharing pizza, coffee, McDonald's breakfasts, and basically everything short of campfire singalongs of Goombaya.

We're sure that some of you have your own stories to tell, so please share them with us all in the comments section below.

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By siskoeva on 10/19/2006 11:34:08 PM , Rating: 2
It's friday morning...I get up at around 5:30 shaking...the weather is cold, and is calling for another dip into the unbearable until tomorrow morning. I bundle up for what will be a sad and gloomy day. Our schools' Homecoming parade and assembly is what I've got, along with mandatory 3rd and 5th periods during and throughout the half day, which incidently ends at 10:30am. I've known about the Wii Preorder launch at our local gamestop due to the email, internet hype, and 2 really great friends working there; also in school that day missing out on their chances.
1st block rolls off, and we all head to the Gym to listen to a bunch of glad-handling and a$$ kissing, illiterate chear leading and peppy Song-singing. The assembly drags on for an hour and 15, till 9:20am, and I solemnly follow my fellow class mates out the door to go to our 5th period, aka AP Bio, but before I could make it to the door, a good friend of mine with an absent 5th block offers to take me home, instead of me sitting through 20 minutes of class and an hour of prepping and riding a makeshift float for our MMO Geeks and Co. eX-curr club. I greatfully accept, as my cheeks get all rosie red and my eye brows shoot up as if proppelled by a higher power. He takes me to my house, and I quickly drop everything inside and run to my motor scooter, shooting down the road to a mid-size strip mall containing my peers location of occupation. I see a line...oh god...
I don't even take my helmet off, I just run up to the line and get in it as around 15 stand in front of me. I must be doomed.
Colin opens the door and walks out. The Tempo is 9:50, and he is running through "the Count", Asking all people in line if they were buying a wii, for the PS3 had already sold it's preorders a day before. He counted silently in his head, and I truly believed I would have to go back home because of the quantity of persons in front of me.
"We have 13 Wii Consoles for the Wii that you all may preorder today" Colin states, and asks for everyone that was going to buy one personally to raise their hands. I was # 16 in line out of people, and I was #14 in line regarding a Wii pre buy. He says that everyone after 13 should leave, but doesn't shoe me off because I usually talk to the guy anyways. when you have friends working at a hobby store like EB/Gamestop, you tend to know every employee quickly.
The line goes through, dwindling down to 5 people left and myself after 20 minutes. 2 people with a baby are next, but they do not speak english very proficiently and even worse, are both trying to buy a console each, while being married and living together. To my Utter fortune was this actually happening...I became the final wii pre-order, the 13th Wii-ior. After reserving Zelda;TP, an Extra Troller and Chuck, and a free classic Colin hooked me up with, we basically sit there talking and sharing sandwiches and sodas/beers in Gamestop on windy friday morning, all united under a common interest, and all chatting to town for a good 2 hours more until customers started coming in asking for something other than Wii and PS3 consoles. Timeless memories were had that day, with Timely Luck, nice people, a Truancy from my 5th block class, and a heck of a lot more luck to explain it off my record regarding a "material misplacement" for my float that I more than definitely worked on the whole 5th period. Now, if only midnight on the 12th would be so magnificent and lucky.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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