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Sony battery recall total climbs to 7.7 million

The Sony battery recalls continue as Sharp is joining the fray by recalling 28,000 batteries while Fujitsu has recalled an additional 51,000 batteries. Fujitsu had already announced last week that it would recall 287,000 units.

These latest recalls bring the total tally to 7.7 million units. Sony recently instituted the Global Replacement Program for its batteries. The program is designed to help manufacturers with logistics in receiving faulty batteries from customers and delivering new replacements.

Replacements for lithium-ion battery technology are in development, but it may be quite some time before see it replaced in the notebook market. Fuel cell technology is showing some promise and Toshiba has been showing off fuel cell prototypes in its notebooks. Toshiba has been able to see runtimes of about 10 hours with its current fuel cell stacks, but there are still issues with size, pricing and logistics in delivering fuel cells to customers.

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Bleak Future?!
By daftrok on 10/16/2006 1:02:26 AM , Rating: 1
Sigh...people can never see the good in things sometimes. Like going to and finding a 5.1 surround sound system (900W) with an HDMI A/V receiver for just 300 dollars. Or the fact that of all the 1080p projectors out there, Sony has the cheapest one of them all (4999.99). Or the fact that they are taking one of the biggest gambles in history with the consumer in mind by going with blu-ray and taking HD-DVD head on, even with all the bad press, despite the fact that blu-ray disc has much more support, has more storage, and is going to be used on the next console and guess what people? They are going to sell every single playstation 3 they bring out until they sell well over 2 million. See the problem with people is that they don't think about the future as much as they should. Sony got a bad rap for playstation by going with the CD, it got a bad rap for going DVD on the playstation 2, and now its getting a bad rap for going Blu-ray. Now I am not condoning the fact that they made faulty batteries; but I hardly doubt that Sony is going to be destroyed just because they stopped making monitors available to the public and a few million batteries got recalled; Sony is a multi-billion dollar corporation, and it is gonna be that way for a long time.

RE: Bleak Future?!
By Loc13 on 10/16/2006 9:57:34 AM , Rating: 2
And Sony still make the most stlyish and feature-rich cellphones on the planet. Too bad they rarely get picked up by US carriers.

"I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For [Paramount] to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks!" -- Movie Director Michael Bay

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