Patent infringement dating back to the Pentium 3

This week Transmeta Corporation announced that it filed a lawsuit against Intel claiming that Intel infringed on several patents that belong to Transmeta. Interestingly, Transmeta is claiming that the patents Intel had infringed on dates back all the way to the Pentium 3 processor and carries forward to even Core 2 products. Why Transmeta did not bring up the subject several years ago is unknown.

Transmeta is requesting that an injunction be placed on Intel, preventing it from selling products that infringed on Transmeta patents, and is also requesting that Intel have to pay for damages including legal fees. Transmeta's executive vice president John O'Hara Horsley said "Transmeta has developed a strong portfolio of intellectual property rights to capture and protect our proud legacy of developing advanced computing and microprocessor technologies."

Despite bringing Intel into court, both Transmeta and Intel had cooperated with each other on many occassions. Both companies have used each other's technologies in products. Transmeta said however that it felt it was not fairly compensated for its technology and thus must turn to the courts for a solution. "We believe that the action we have taken today is an appropriate step to return value to our stockholders from our investments over the past decade," said Arthur L. Swift, CEO of Transmeta.

Intel so far has not responded.

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