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Two new major design wins for AMD

AMD today announced that it has received two major design wins from Dell and Alienware for the AMD LIVE! platform. AMD said that designs from both brands will be making their way into the market that utilize AMD's Athlon 64 X2 processor. All AMD LIVE! computers from Dell and Alienware will be dual-core computers and come ready to act as home theater PCs as well.

Alienware introduced several AMD LIVE! machines this week including one it calls the Alienware DHS high-definition media center. The machine integrates an amplifier by D2Audio Corporation with graphics being handled by a GeForce 6150. Interestingly, both AMD LIVE! platforms from Dell and Alienware feature NVIDIA system chipsets and graphics processors. Despite AMD's acquisition of ATI, AMD previously stated that it will continue to work tightly with NVIDIA on future designs and products. Systems from both Dell and Alienware will be equipped with similar movie and audio play-back software which includes a new AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite:
  • AMD LIVE! Communicator powered by SightSpeed offers state-of-the-art video and voice communications over the Internet, allowing families and friends to stay connected no matter where they live.
  • AMD LIVE! Games powered by WildTangent delivers a fun gaming experience with a wealth of exciting online and downloadable games.
  • AMD LIVE! Kid Rocket Web Browser helps parents rest easy by offering children the ability to play online games and explore the Internet in a controlled and safe environment.
Communicator is simply a Skype-like application that enables voice and video conferencing while the bundled games are are small and focused towards entertainment for younger crowds.

In addition to new software and services, AMD has upgraded the existing AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite. For example, new features in the AMD LIVE! Media Vault powered by Streamload include automatic file backup to an online account and file synchronization between networked PCs and devices.

Along with the Dell and Alienware systems, AMD also announced that several more manufacturers are putting together AMD LIVE! systems. Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Tsinghua Tongfang, and others have introduced or will be introducing systems. AMD LIVE! systems from Dell will be shipping under the XPS family of computers.

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RE: 6150?
By Chris Peredun on 10/11/2006 4:08:40 PM , Rating: 2
The 6150 is capable of driving a DVI connection from an onboard port - the exact model escapes me, but I know ASUS makes a MicroATX board with this - so creating one with onboard HDMI should not be terribly difficult.

I imagine that when "Dellienware" put in an order for several thousand motherboards, it wasn't tough to find a manufacturer willing to take that contract.

RE: 6150?
By Alphafox78 on 10/12/2006 11:18:48 AM , Rating: 2
I know, I am using the DVI to drive my HDTV now from the built in 6150 in my motherboard. its just a shame that 'true' HD content via HD-DVD or blueray wont be able to be played using DVI. that is of course assuming they enforce that HDMI encryption requirement. also, the 6150 is pretty much maxed out displaying 1080i, Its not like its a powerhouse or anything.

RE: 6150?
By ArneBjarne on 10/12/2006 11:36:53 AM , Rating: 2
You are confusing HDMI with HDCP. HDCP does not require HDMI it can work on DVI too.

RE: 6150?
By trabpukcip on 10/15/2006 1:50:53 AM , Rating: 2
You would be surprised (or maybe not) how many people get HDMI confused with HDCP. HDCP is a copy protection standard, HDMI is an interface standard. I have a Dell 2407WFP with DVI that supports HDCP.

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