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Hybrid players due early next year

With no foreseeable happy ending to the HD-DVD/Blu-ray format war, NEC has done us all a favor today by shipping a chip that is compatible with both formats.

According to Reuters, "the chips go on sale for 10,000 yen ($84), roughly the same price as NEC Electronics' chips which read only Blu-ray or only HD DVD formats." Players incorporating the new chip will be available sometime early 2007, reports AkibaNews.

While we now have silicon to rule both formats, the optical pick-up lens capable of reading both HD-DVD and Blu-ray is still currently in development. Until such a hybrid pick-up becomes reality, dual-players must utilize two separate lenses, which no doubt drives up costs.

A NEC spokesperson commented that a hybrid chip and optical pick-up would likely make up more than half of the cost of a player.

Developments to bridge the gap between the two warring formats isn't exclusive to hardware. Warner recently filed a patent outlining plans of a hybrid-disc that will be compatible with both HD-DVD and Blu-ray by means of layering one format on top of the other.

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RE: oh please
By michal1980 on 10/11/2006 9:59:12 AM , Rating: 0
just reading that list (of support), should make sony bashers and haters, STFU.

Just like hd-dvd has some support (honeslty compare the full lists, and Blu-ray has greater support)

Look at all the people making blu-ray.


The HD-DVD Camp that is on that list is much more 'software & studio' heavy. The Blu-ray list hardly lists studio's, but that list is tiny because theres a 170 groups behind blu-ray.

So this is not a sony techonolgy being forced on everyone by sony.

I'll stand by my claim that Toshiba is much more forcing there technology then sony. The list of manufactures on there side is what? Toshiba, NEC, Intel(and intel is much more interested in pushing there software. i.e. VIIV) then there hardware.

And the blu-ray people are almost heads and tails above the Blu-ray camp in making higher end Displays and display technoloy. Some of which include the best in class techs. (sony/samsung LCDS) Samsung DLPs, Sony SXRD, Pioneer Plasmas.

And unles some miracle happens, never has a add on (ie HD-DVD addon) drive had any success in the market.

Where as the ps3 blu-ray combo is automatic.

Heres another way to think about it.

If i was going to buy the hd-dvd drive, for 300 bucks more I could have a ps3.

so a ps3 costs me 300 bucks. Seems cheap to me now.

RE: oh please
By zombiexl on 10/11/2006 10:00:53 PM , Rating: 2
Just like hd-dvd has some support (honeslty compare the full lists, and Blu-ray has greater support)

I think HD-DVD has more $$ behind it, just off the top of my head M$ is worth about 10x what sony is worth.

No matter how many companies are behind each standard its really M$ + Toshiba vs Sony. Sony has the most to lose assuming BR might (just possibly) fail.

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