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Sony's Jamie MacDonald believes that he has the pulse of the European buying public

We've heard some pretty bold claims from Sony in the past regarding its PlayStation 3 gaming console. One of the more famous ones came from Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi when he said that the price of the PS3 was "probably too cheap." This time, it's Sony European VP Jamie MacDonald's time to shine.

McDonald was quoted as saying, "European consumers have shown that historically they don't mind [the delays], because they end up buying as many PlayStations, if not more, than the US and Japan."

If you may recall, while the United States and Japan will fight over 400,000 and 100,000 consoles respectively during the official launch next month, European customers will have to wait it out until March 2007 to get their hands on a PS3.

McDonald's comments seem somewhat perplexing with regards to European customers. Could it really be said that European customers "don't mind" or is it a matter of they don't have any choice but to wait? Then again, there's always the XBOX 360 as an alternative and Nintendo has been getting a lot of positive press for its $250 Wii console. The latter console will launch on December 8 in Europe.

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Well... if you put it that way.
By Plasmoid on 10/7/2006 8:39:23 PM , Rating: 2
Most Potential buyers of the PS3 dont mind waiting... because the wont be buying it anytime soon.

However the people who buy the PS3 out of brand loyalty sure as hell do mind. I dont mind, im not dumb enough to buy it at launch when a price war is certain. I wouldent mind waiting either way, im used to it at this stage.

But, when the promise a consoles release is pushed back an entire year i do mind... when the "smaller" markets get precedence yet again and i smell another Septemeber PSP fiasco i really do mind. And when there is a price drop in Japan because only having the console cost twice as much in Europe will make Japanese gamers feel warm and fuzzy inside im dont mind anymore, im too much in a rage of anti-sony hate to think or feel anything.

But thats sony for you... i wonder how much of their foot is left to shoot off?

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