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Sapphire Radeon X1650 Pro AGP

Sapphire Radeon X1300XT AGP
Budget and mid-range AGP products ready for Vista

Sapphire today announced two new AGP-based graphics cards. The newly announced graphics cards include the Radeon X1650 Pro AGP and X1300XT AGP. These new cards are similar to previously released Radeon X1600 Pro and X1600XT for PCI Express. Sapphire’s Radeon X1650 Pro AGP features 12 pixel shaders and a core clock of 590 MHz. Radeon X1650 Pro cards are equipped with 256MB of GDDR3 video memory connected via 128-bit memory bus. Memory is clocked at 690 MHz. Other notable features include dual-link DVI and TV-out.

The Radeon X1300XT arrives in two flavors equipped with 256MB of GDDR3 or 512MB of DDR2 video memory. Models equipped with 256MB of video memory are clocked at 500 MHz while 512MB models are clocked at 400 MHz. As with the Radeon X1650 Pro AGP, the X1300XT AGP has 12 pixel shaders as well. However, the Radeon X1300XT AGP has a lower core clock of 500 MHz. Features such as dual-link DVI and TV-out are available as well.

Availability and pricing is unknown at the moment, though expect the Radeon X1650 Pro AGP to be priced south of $150 while the Radeon X1300XT AGP should be priced south of $100.

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Gainward BLISS 7800 GS+ 512MB AGP Silent
By DS Delaroca on 10/6/2006 4:43:43 PM , Rating: 2
its there any info for this card to ever come out here in the states?, it sounds like a great Video card for us AGP users, because in my case, i dont want upgrade my mobo until this mess with the Core 2 duo chipsets its settle down and a new really good chipset from Nvidia,ATI or Intel comes out, that is the one that will work with the Duo or Quad for sure, without any bios flashing or having to get a new mobo six moths later to suport the Quad, also besides the point that AMD may have something good or better than intel next year.

By Pirks on 10/6/2006 4:57:17 PM , Rating: 1
it won't appear in the states, so go PCIe, or if you don't like Intel chipset mess just stay with AMD. performance-per-buck-wise you won't lose anything but the stupid core logo, trust me on that :))

RE: Gainward BLISS 7800 GS+ 512MB AGP Silent
By Wwhat on 10/7/2006 10:00:05 AM , Rating: 2
You get upset by BIOS flashes? why? if you really are so inept then surely you can find someone to do it for you.
You can flash from USB sticks, flashramcards or even MP3 players now btw, you don't even need a floppy.

It's almost always so that a new motherboard needs a flash after a while to fix bugs, only after a year or two they have a final BIOS, so I guess you plan to wait for a new chipset then for the release of a new mobo then another year until the BIOS is final, that's a lonf wait in the world of computers though.

RE: Gainward BLISS 7800 GS+ 512MB AGP Silent
By DS Delaroca on 10/7/2006 3:37:32 PM , Rating: 2
its not that im upset by bios flashes, or that im inept at doing one, i have three computers that i built my self, one with a AXP2500+ OC to 2.4,a S939 A64X23800+ 8x PCI-E also OC to 2.4,and my old but kick ass P4 NorthWood 3.0 oc to 3.5, and all of my builts on ASUS MB's, wich if you OC at all a bios flash is a must for this MB's to work the bugs out, since i skip the prescott fiasco all together,i want to built a C2D but the best bang for the buck for OC at the moment its the intel 965 and Nvidia Nforce4 chipsets, but as far as i know these are old chipsets that are been made to work with the C2D by a bios flash, not built from the ground up to be a C2D or Quad chipsets, but that may change in three months i hope, cause im a CHEAP.

By JeffDM on 10/8/2006 4:04:18 PM , Rating: 2
Was that all one long run-on sentence?

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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