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NVIDIA is ready to counter the Triple Play

With the release of the G80, NVIDIA will also release a new engine dubbed Quantum physics engine.  Quantum Effects Technology is similar (at least in spirit) to NVIDIA's PureVideo Technology -- a dedicated layer on the GPU for physics calculations.  A few documents alluding to this new engine appeared on public FTP mirrors late last week.

Quantum utilizes some of the shaders from NVIDIA's G80 processor specifically for physics calculations.  Physics calculations on GPUs are nothing new; ATI totes similar technology for its Stream Computing initiative and for the Triple Play physics

NVIDIA and Havok partnered up this year claiming that SLI systems would get massive performance gains by utilizing additional GeForce GPUs as physics processors.  Quantum may be the fruits of that partnership, though NVIDIA documentation clearly states that Quantum will work just fine without SLI.

NVIDIA's documentation claims Quantum will specifically compete with AGEIA's PhysX, yet does not mention who is providing the middleware.  Given that there are only two acts in town right now, it would be safe to say Havok has a hand in the Quantum engine.

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RE: typo
By shamgar03 on 10/5/2006 7:31:14 AM , Rating: 5
Yeah, when I saw that I was thinking, how are they going to use quantum physics in games. It's ridiculous that a word like quantum is just one of those ooooh ahhh words to so many people. I mean naming it quantum physics engine is just straight up misleading; we should sue them when this comes out because it doesn't accurately portray gluons.

RE: typo
By Zirconium on 10/5/2006 8:12:21 AM , Rating: 4
ATI will counter by calling their technology the "Relativistic Physics Engine." Perhaps this is all fitting: with the power requirements on future generations of graphics cards, you may need your own nuclear reactor.

RE: typo
By Creig on 10/5/2006 10:07:47 AM , Rating: 4
I'm going to hold off purchasing a G80 in the hopes they'll release an "Albert Einstein Edition" G80 with IMPROVED Quantum Effects Technology and Superstring hyperthreading.

RE: typo
By Clauzii on 10/5/2006 10:13:25 AM , Rating: 2
Good one ;)

RE: typo
By GhandiInstinct on 10/5/2006 3:49:44 PM , Rating: 1
LOL oh wow...those 3 posts in a row had my dying, they build off each other into a riveting climax!

ROFL for a few hours brb....

RE: typo
By lemonadesoda on 10/5/2006 5:53:59 PM , Rating: 2
With the G80X Heisenberg, you will be very uncertain about the cost of ownership... principally, whether you actually have one or two GPUs in a one-card SLI, and even more uncertain about the electricity bill at the end of the year!!!

RE: typo
By Clauzii on 10/9/2006 9:13:15 PM , Rating: 2
The problem with a Heisenberg card could be that You would never really know when it worked... :)

RE: typo
By exdeath on 10/10/2006 4:07:31 PM , Rating: 2
What is worse is not knowing that it probably worked just fine before you turned it on the first time and observed that it didn't work... you'd never know if you had a dud or not...

Wonder how the RMAs would work here...

RE: typo
By rushfan2006 on 10/6/2006 12:17:49 PM , Rating: 2 that and I'll also hold off until I don't need to get a 2nd mortgage to AFFORD the new G80 cards. ;)

Hmm....of course eating is over-rated right.....hmmmmmmm

RE: typo
By Nanobaud on 10/5/2006 12:58:52 PM , Rating: 3
Perhaps with the 'Pure Video' experience on their minds, they chose 'Quantum' to go with the inherent uncertainty-principle feature.

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner
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