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Gentlemen, start your DirectX10 engines

DailyTech received its first looks at a GeForce 8800 production sample today, and by the looks of it, the card is a monster: at least with regard to size and power requirements.

The GeForce 8800 comes in two flavors, which we will get into more detail about over the course of the next few days.  The first card, the GeForce 8800GTX, is the full blown G80 experience, measuring a little less than 11 inches in length.  The GeForce 8800GTS is a cut down version of the first, and only 9 inches in length.

The marketing material included with the card claims NVIDIA requires at least a 450W power supply for a single GeForce 8800GTX, and 400W for the 8800GTS.  Top tier vendors in Taiwan have already confirmed with DailyTech that GeForce 8800 cards in SLI mode will likely carry a power supply "recommendation" of 800W.  NVIDIA's GeForce 7950GX2, currently the company's top performing video card, carries a recommendation of 400W to run the card in single-card mode. 

NVIDIA is slated to launch both versions of the GeForce 8800 in November of this year.  More details on the GeForce 8800 will be available later today on DailyTech.

Update 10/05/2006: We originally reported the GeForce 8800GTX and 8800GTS are 9" in length.  The reference design for the 8800GTX is actually a little less than 11 inches.  The GTX has two 6-pin power adaptors, the GTS has only one.

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just a quick Q.
By crowol on 10/9/2006 10:54:11 PM , Rating: 2
i run quad sli, spent 1200 on the 4 7950s alone. Is it true that direct x 10 will NOT work with the geforce 7950's? i have the XFX version of the 7950's.

-Total Noob About This Stuff.

RE: just a quick Q.
By Pirks on 10/10/2006 2:49:14 PM , Rating: 2
yep, DX10 will work on DX10 hardware only, and this is NOT 7950. but there won't be many games with nice DX10 graphics for a long time, so I'd bet you can enjoy your QSLI setup for another year easily. and then you may be able to buy another four DX10 cards - jee I wish you could film that Crysis stuff and post it in HD video somewhere - I'd even buy it from you! given the decent quality of course.

but I doubt FRAPS can capture DX10 and even if it will be able to, there's no horsepower to play and capture at the same time - do you mind to purchase a quad CPU as well and make some nice video captures of quad DX10 Crysis while you're at it?

just kidding of course ;)

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