Last interim release of Vista up on deck

According to Windows IT Pro, the final interim release of Windows Vista before release to manufacturing (RTM) will come this Friday. Microsoft released RC1 to testers in early September and the last interim build released was 5728 in late September.

Windows Vista RC2, aka build 5743, will be released to the usual suspects which consist of beta testers, MSDN and TechNet subscribers. After Vista RC2 goes through its paces, the final product will be set in stone somewhere between October 18 and November 8. Windows IT Pro reports:

Internal documentation notes that each daily delay after October 25 comes at a price, however: For each day past October 25, Microsoft will start to lose languages for the January launch. However, the company is prepared to do that to ensure that Vista's quality is high. That documentation also notes that there are over 1400 open bugs in Vista at this time. Microsoft's internal processes require this bug count to drop to 500 or fewer before they will attempt to go into escrow for RTM. By comparison, there were over 2479 bugs on September 22.

Vista news has been flooding our inboxes over the past 24 hours. We've discussed Microsoft's gaming aspirations for the new operating system, seen that the company has high hopes for first year sales of Vista and noted that McAfee isn't too happy with Vista’s Kernel PatchGuard.

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