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Toshiba and Dell add more batteries to the recall list

It seems as though the fears of exploding Sony batteries is spreading to more and more notebook manufacturers and is affecting more product lines. Today, Dell announced that it is recalling another 100,000 notebook batteries in addition to the 4.1 million recalled last month.

To compound matters even further, Toshiba made an announcement today that it is recalling another 830,000 batteries at Sony's request. And if you recall, Lenovo made an announcement yesterday that it was recalling 526,000 batteries used in its ThinkPad T43, T43p, T60, R51e, R52, R60, R60e, X60 and X60s models.

Here's the current tally on the "Total Recall" of Sony-manufactured batteries:

Dell: 4.2 million
Apple: 1.8 million
Toshiba: 1.1 million (340,000 batteries were already recalled earlier this month)
IBM/Lenovo: 526,000
Matsusita/Panasonic: 6,000

We're sure this isn't going to be the last that we hear of Sony battery recalls. The next recall is just another explosion away.

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RE: Thumbs up for SONY :)
By Clauzii on 9/30/2006 4:01:56 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry - more than 7mio batteries.

RE: Thumbs up for SONY :)
By Chillin1248 on 9/30/2006 9:31:43 PM , Rating: 3
I agree, props on being the first to point it out. Though of course they have their own interest in mind against lawsuits, they must've had alternatives than a full recall.


RE: Thumbs up for SONY :)
By Clauzii on 10/1/2006 7:39:49 AM , Rating: 2
Could it be that they will be able to check and repair most of the lot (or at least reuse the "chemicals") and put it to market again , so they wouldn't lose so much?

RE: Thumbs up for SONY :)
By doctor sam adams on 10/1/2006 11:53:20 AM , Rating: 2
Probably not. The problem with the batteries is contamination of certain parts by microscopic metal particles. It would be a very expensive pain to separate them all out and then reconstitute the batteries.

RE: Thumbs up for SONY :)
By mindless1 on 10/1/2006 4:56:38 PM , Rating: 2
... and if they resued parts of these known bad cells and any of them later failed (regardless of whether the original fault were the new cause), would they ever hear the end of it?

At this point, I'm sure they're trying to find the most politically correct way to salvage their battery business rather than cost-cutting recycling measures.

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