Viodentia drops another 2,000 pound bomb on Microsoft

"And the beat goes on." Viodentia releases FairUse4WM 1.1; Microsoft responds with a patch. Viodentia releases FairUse4WM 1.2; Microsoft files a lawsuit against the author. Viodentia today releases FairUse4WM 1.3; the ball is once again in Microsoft's court.

In Engadget's recent interview with Viodentia, he talked about what he thinks FairUse4WM does for the industry as a whole:

How do you think FairUse4WM affects the industry? Do you worry that cracking PlaysForSure is going to lead to the end of subscription-based services?

I think FairUse4WM is a good thing for the industry -- it demonstrates that the entire world doesn't turn upside down when there's no effective protection on content. I doubt subscription based services are impacted -- programs exploiting the analog hole were already widely spamvertised. The value of a subscription is the continuing access to new titles, which isn't dependent on the protection. I wonder if any subscription company will publicly admit that FairUse4WM was good for them.

According to Viodentia's posting over at the Doom9 forums, this latest update provides interoperability with Microsoft 9/23 IBX release.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
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