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Sandisk bumps the capacity of its Extreme III CF cards

Professional photographers will be able to enjoy fast read/write speeds and increased capacity with Sandisk's latest additions to its Extreme III CompactFlash family. The company today announced new 12GB and 16GB models which it says are the highest capacity cards in the world.

The cards will have minimum read/write speeds of 20MB/sec thanks to the in-house developed Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing (ESP) technology. The cards are also guaranteed to function in temperatures ranging from minus 13F to 185F and include RescuePro software for image recovery in case of accidental deletion.

The Sandisk Extreme III 12GB and 16GB CompactFlash will be available in December with price tags of $779.99 and $1,049.99 respectively. Both cards will come backed with a lifetime limited warranty in the United States.

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By peternelson on 9/26/2006 11:10:34 AM , Rating: 3
My first point is that Sandisk should update their website since the largest they offer there is 8GB currently.

Compact flash is the form factor of choice, since its access speeds completely beat competing serial formats like MMC.

However, Sandisk are in my opinion the premium brand. This is demonstrated by their superior wear levelling algorithm etc. I would not trust my data to the no-name or cheapo brands, that's why I have bought Sandisk, and have had no problems using them in several devices.

This card is in the Extreme III series. If you are concerned about price, go for the cheaper Ultra II series which has less data speed but more mainstream pricing.

However, looking at the Sandisk site, I see an Extreme FOUR series which offers twice the data transfer of Extreme THREE.

Therefore in my opinion if you are thinking of one of these new 12 or 16 cards, you may be advised to wait because they may soon announce availability of the 12 and 16 sizes in the Extreme FOUR range. If on the other hand you want to save money, I'd be looking out for the 12 and 16 sizes to trickle down to the Ultra II range.

Of course you have some choices, I would say Lexar are also a reasonable CF brand.

Since with the suitable adaptor, CF can emulate an ide hard drive, this increasing size is welcomed for embedded applications etc etc.

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