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Additional system processing power from ATI X1900 GPUs

ATI has announced its new Stream Computing technology. Stream Computing accelerates enterprise computing tasks using ATI’s Radeon X1900 graphics processor. Scientific research, homeland security, financial forecasting, oil and gas, database searching, consumer applications and video games are expected to benefit from ATI’s Stream Computing technology. Scientific research such as Folding@Home benefits from ATI’s Stream Computing by being able to process larger data sets faster—processing three years worth of disease research in a single month. Climate forecasting is expected to benefit from the additional computing power by processing weather forecasts quicker to issue quicker bad weather warnings.

Homeland security will benefit from Stream Computing as security tasks are performed much quicker. Tasks such as facial recognition, communication analysis, airport security, photography and video analysis are expected to receive significant performance improvements. Financial institutions will benefit from faster financial forecasting. Stream Computing is expected to bring quicker and more detailed answers to help make quick financial decisions. ATI expects database searching to significantly improve from the added processing power and greater performance per density.

ATI expects consumers to benefit from Stream Computing as well. With Stream Computing, ATI graphics cards can accelerate any software that requires extra processing power. Lastly there are benefits in video games. Stream Computing will allow game developers to use ATI GPUs for physics processing. This allows physics engines from Havok to take advantage of processing power available in multi-GPU ATI systems. Gamers expecting ATI triple-play physics processing will have to wait as ATI makes no mention when Stream Computing technology will be available for games.

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RE: Consumer applications???
By OtakuMax on 9/29/2006 7:29:02 PM , Rating: 2
It is trying to say that any application that can map its algorithm into the GPU pipeline (Stream Computing Model) can use the GPU to accelerate the algorithm.

This is not anything new anyway... ATI don't even need to release a new driver for this. Those guys in Stanford had been working on this for quite some time already and had invented a programming language that translates general algorithms into directX/opengl calls.

I am surprised that they actually let ATI to take the credits commercially. What is going to happen in GPGPU?

RE: Consumer applications???
By msva124 on 9/30/2006 5:47:32 PM , Rating: 2
Was just about to ask that....can't you use the GPU for arbitrary calculations already? You've confirmed my suspicions.

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