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Metal Gear Solid 4

Devil May Cry 4

Final Fantasy XIII

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Gran Turismo HD
Plus shocking news of a Gran Turismo without cars

In addition to the information of PlayStation 3’s pre-launch price cut, Ken Kutaragi’s keynote address at this year’s Tokyo Game Show revealed some new facts on Sony’s next-generation console.

 Most should already expect the PlayStation 3 to be backwards compatible with original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 software, but the new word is that Sega MegaDrive/Genesis and NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx systems will also be emulated. Certainly, this mimics Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console feature. Pricing structure has yet to be revealed, but we expect something in the $5 to $15 range. 

As was the case with previous PlayStation ramblings, Kutaragi described his long-term vision of the PlayStation 3 being capable of everything from global mapping systems to online shopping and banking.

Of course, actual games were on display at the TGS. All the usual suspects were there, including Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Virtua Fighter 5 (original, risky game ideas to soon follow, we hope). Of particular interest is Gran Turismo HD, which is on demo currently at TGS. 

According to a Beyond3D forum poster with a copy of the latest Famitsu, GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi detailed two different versions of Polyphony’s driving simulator. Gran Turismo HD Premium will include 30 cars and 2 courses, with that number to double eventually with downloadable content. Despite the name, Gran Turismo HD Classic is much more radical – the game is bundled with no cars or courses! Instead, cars are purchased for 50 to 100 yen from a selection of over 750 cars and a course for 200 to 500 yen from over 50 available. Assuming that one manages to purchase/unlock every single car and track in the game, the total costs could be equivalent of up to USD$637.50 for cars and USD$213 for tracks. Perhaps something was lost in translation from Famitsu’s interview, but if not, then Sony’s probably rubbing its hands together at the thought of this cash cow.

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RE: Clarification...
By cochy on 9/22/2006 11:41:47 AM , Rating: 2
I don't get this GT HD stuff one bit.

with that number to double eventually with downloadable content

I hope that content is free. The original GT games were so successful because they came with so much content out of the box. Maybe if the gaming industry would change stategies from ripping off/nickle diming consumers there would be less pirating. I think it's less moral to rip off a consumer than for a consumer to pirate a video game. Bastards deserve it. $630 to unlock every car? These people have lost it all together.

RE: Clarification...
By Pythias on 9/22/06, Rating: -1
RE: Clarification...
By cochy on 9/22/2006 12:15:44 PM , Rating: 5
lol I won't buy it. That was exactly my point. Not buying it doesn't mean that the software can't be had at super-discounted price or free. If software companies would wise up to this and offer more value for consumers instead of less value there would be less pirating. GT is a prime example since they always gave so much value and I always bought their games, but now if they get greedy I won't buy, as you say. Doesn't mean I won't still play the game ;)

RE: Clarification...
By Cygni on 9/23/2006 6:46:17 PM , Rating: 2
Thats an idiotic statement and you should be flogged for it. Theft is wrong regardless of who the victim is. If you dislike this business model, as do I, don't buy it.

id rather just pirate it thianks. ;)

RE: Clarification...
By Motley on 9/22/2006 12:22:05 PM , Rating: 2
I might agree. But I think your definition of ripping off a customer and mine are vastly different. They offer a product at a price you think is too high. Oh yes, how highly immoral of them. Lamborgini, Ferrari, and Porshe are all highly immoral companies. Yes, they are much worse than car thieves.

Yes, I think I'll write to the EU, and complain. They'll fix it. They'll fine every company that makes stuff that cochy can't afford or just thinks costs too much. Yes, a much better world this would be.

RE: Clarification...
By animedude on 9/25/2006 6:20:33 AM , Rating: 2
Communism, anyone?

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home
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