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Sony's entry-level PS3 gets a price cut before launch

Console gamers in Japan were able to breathe a slight sigh of relief today when it was announced that Sony would trim the price of the basic 20GB PlayStation 3 console to 49,980 yen or $430 USD (down from $499 USD). The price cut is a direct response to the cries from the buying public over the high price of entry for the PS3 in comparison to its competitors. It was also announced that the base system would get HDMI output.

Even with the price reduction, the base PS3 is still priced well above its competition. It was announced two weeks ago that Microsoft would introduce the XBOX 360 Core System for the Japanese market at around $255 USD. Last Thursday, Nintendo announced a price tag of $212 USD for its Wii in Japan.

Sony's Ken Kutaragi remarked to reporters that "The Japanese users and media would not stop saying a price tag of over 60,000 yen, including tax, was too expensive." One must also remember that Kutaragi was also quoted as saying back in May that the $499/$599 price points were "probably too cheap."

It should be noted that while the price cut affects the 20GB PS3 model, there is no word on if the price will also fall on the higher spec'd PS3 with its 60GB hard drive, WiFi, and MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash reader. There is also no word as to whether this price cut will extend to PS3s destined for US shores.

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It a good price, but will you be able to find one?
By MykC on 9/22/2006 9:43:27 AM , Rating: 2
I'm assuming since there was no mention of a price drop on american shores that the price for the rest of the world will still be $500.

In an interview with Gamespot it was stated that the PS3 distribution would be 20% core systems, 80% premium system. This means the japenese will only get 20 000 units at the $430 price at launch. So... will I be able to find one?

To honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this was essentially a on paper price cut, meaning that they cut the price and make very few buyable units avaiable at this price but still get the news/buzz benefits for cutting the price without the kick in the teeth ($ in losses per console).

Assuming that the price cut is made global this would mean that at $430 I could get a step up in graphics, a blu-ray player with HDMI (however, I do believe that I still only get composite cables out of the box). But, to be fair the XBOX 360 still has a $30.00 edge and if you live in Canada (and europe I think) you also get 6 months of xbox live, $25.00 worth market place points, a headset and Project Gotham Racing 3 (its a good game but with Forza 2 coming out I can see why they are giving it away).

Assuming all software being equal, it hard to tell what hardware I would immediately go for in Japan. We have the Wii at $212, XBOX 360 core at $250 (with two games, I believe?), XBOX 360 Premium $400, PS3 Core at $430 and finally PS3 Premium $600.

By rklaver on 9/22/2006 11:33:07 AM , Rating: 2
Xbox may have a $30 edge, but that's before the purchase of the external HD-DVD.

Might be worth it for the blue ray player, but unfortunately Halo 3 will drive my next console purchase. Unless there will be a PC version then it's fair game :-)

By ViperROhb34 on 9/24/2006 1:05:28 PM , Rating: 2
Read the article(s) .. The base PS3 is 430 US dollars in JAPAN only.. because MS lowered the Base Xbox360 to just over 200 US dollars in JAPAN only... thats a difference of 200 US dollars.. REPEAT TWO HUNDRED !! And if you read the article about the Xbox.. they are also selling the base Xbox360 in Japan with 2 games for free !

By Clauzii on 9/25/2006 4:08:10 AM , Rating: 2
What will those two games be? Something otherwise not saleable?

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