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Red ring of death -- Image courtesy XBOXIC
Microsoft to offer free repairs for XBOX 360s manufactured before January 1; checks to be mailed to customers who have already paid

Well here's a bit of good news for XBOX 360 customers who've seen their console go up in smoke within the past year. For customers whose XBOX 360 console was manufactured before 01/01/2006, you are now eligible to receive free repairs should your console need attention. Customers who have already paid for repairs will receive checks in the mail within 5-8 weeks to cover their costs.

Confirmation of Microsoft's change of heart was first reported on the official XBOX Forum. A number of forums posters have confirmed the news and say that Microsoft is due to make an official announcement today with all details.

For those of you who have an XBOX 360 manufactured after January 1, I give you my condolences. This news comes just a day after Microsoft announced the Japanese due date for its XBOX 360 HD DVD drive and that it would add 1080p support to the XBOX 360 via an upcoming software update.

Update 9/22/06: Here's an official statement from Microsoft concerning XBOX 360 repairs:

As part of our standard and ongoing process of analyzing repair data, we recently noticed a higher than usual number of units coming in for repair. Upon further investigation, it was further discovered that the bulk of the units were isolated to a group that was part of the initial manufacturing run of the console. Returns for repair are coming in for a variety reasons and it's a higher rate than we are satisfied with. We've made the decision to comp repairs for consoles manufactured before January 1, 2006, and provide refunds to the small group of customers who have already paid for repairs.

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RE: How did DT find out so quickly?
By Draco on 9/21/2006 6:18:09 PM , Rating: 3
90 day warranty on such a product is seriously a crock. That should be illegal. In fact, I think it is illegal to have a warranty that short in other countries, like the UK.

RE: How did DT find out so quickly?
By Alpha4 on 9/21/2006 6:50:43 PM , Rating: 2
Our policies do comply with regional laws, so if your regional government dictates that all manufacturers offer a year warranty on their products than you're entitled to a that.

RE: How did DT find out so quickly?
By oTAL on 9/22/2006 7:30:49 AM , Rating: 1
Hooray for the EU that actually cares about protecting consumers from corporations.... In Europe most products have a minimum warranty of 2 years! ;)

By Manticorez on 9/22/2006 4:17:02 PM , Rating: 2
Well that is true in my state but it took a lot to get Microsoft to acknowledge it. I showed the Customer Reps the actual statutes. But that wasn't good enough instead you have to write and request a review by Microsoft's legal department. I am sure that is a simple process. Anyway I called my State AG's office and told them my story and about the others I have found onlne with the same problems. They told me not to bother writing MS legal they, would be quite happy to take up my cause. Their feeling was that Microsoft shouldn't be charging customers for the repairs under our state law.

Well I just got off the phone with XBOX and it looks like mine is gonna get fixed after all. So I guess I can call my state AG office and tell them to forget it. Too bad Microsoft put a lot of good customers through a lot of aggrevation before this got done. Very poor customer service and policy. No way to build loyalty in a market you are not the leader in.

By robber98 on 9/22/2006 1:53:10 PM , Rating: 2
Well... 90 days warranty suck, but I believe that's legal in US as long as the all info printed clearly. However, providing only 90 days warranty gives the customer a clue what kind of quality of the hardware they should expect.

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