HTC’ phone business has been down for years even though earlier the company had leadership position in the Android market.

In August has lowest revenue ever, which the handset also did not help the company.  However there are rumors that Google might takeover the company.

In the past multiple times Google has used HTC as a contract manufacturer. HTC currently builds  the Pixel and probably will build the Pixel 2 too. Therefore, Google has a good reason to have an interest to purchase the company. 


HTC ‘s terrible market performance comes as something of a surprise, HTC’s new U11 flagship launched on mid- May and sales was reported improved, which June revenue backed up the claim. After that its revenue declined month after month and its August sales collapse and Samsung’s devices have sucked up most of the market in Android, and LG V30 along with and Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 and upcoming iPhone 8 all fast growing, HTC will never going to have much of hopes. 


A Google sale might be only solution to save the company. Any Google sale would be strictly for the handset business. HTC’s Vive business will operate independently of any sale of smartphone assets.  At this point nothing is confirmed yet and things may change down the road.

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