The leaf, the world’s best selling electric car, faces growing competition in the green car market.

Reported; the new Leaf will run about 150 miles on a single charge, about 40 miles more than its previous model, the firm said.  While Tesla’s 90D battery says it will run 280 miles on one charge but the owner of the car says that he never got more than 160 miles. Other updates include advances in autonomous driving technology and more modern design.


New Leaf sale starting from October in Japan and elsewhere-early next year, According to Chris Lilly, content manager for the Next Green Car news site, said while the new model is not “groundbreaking” it should be more appealing to drivers.

“It takes every element of the old Leaf and improves upon it, and adds a whole lot of new features,” he said. Improvements include parking assistance and single pedal driving.  The starting price of this vehicle will be 22,220. euro", said Nissan.


Nissan is also said to offer higher priced model with more power and range next year. The Tesla Model3 runs around 220 miles on a single charge with starting price of 35000. (£ 26,850.) and GM Chevy Bolt with a range of 238 miles starts at $38000. (£ 29,150) says the companies.


Despite of heavy investment in electric vehicles still represent only a fraction of conventional vehicle sales.

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