Torrenza technology connects the industry says AMD

Today AMD announced that it plans to push its Torrenza technology into an open space, creating a unified socket-system that will be used by several top tier manufacturers. The Torrenza platform also allows companies to develop their own processor cores and other related processors, and use them in the main CPU socket. For example, a system can have two Torrenza-enabled CPU sockets, with one containing a real CPU while another socket containing a specialized application specific processor.

Several manufacturers including Dell, Cray, Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, Sun and HP have pledged their support for Torrenza, saying that AMD is doing just what the industry needs. In fact, IBM's chief technology and company fellow said "as a leader in the open movement, IBM applauds AMD for taking this step and always welcomes partners that take an open and collaborative approach to innovation."

DailyTech previously covered AMD's Torrenza technology, which the company talked about in June of this year. AMD mentioned during a previous conference that Torrenza would allow manufacturers to develop products for the x86 platform easier, without having to create proprietary platforms. The platform will also allow products that currently exist on the PCI Express platform to move over to HyperTransport and AMD's Direct Connect Architecture. According to AMD:

Through the Torrenza Initiative, the AMD64 computing platform is opened for industry-wide innovation, such as connecting non-AMD accelerators to AMD64 systems via HyperTransport technology links. Torrenza supports a range of integration innovations from interconnections leveraging HyperTransport, to co-processors accessing HyperTransport, to plug-in co-processors that directly harness the speed and communications delivered by HyperTransport.

Many companies appear to be pleased with the direction that AMD is taking. The company has been doing extremely well recently, gaining large design wins as well as creating important partnerships. Both AMD and Dell announced earlier this month that Dell has already begun making AMD-based desktops available.

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