The 2B1 notebook
North Americans get OLPCs too

While the One Laptop Per Child consortium awaits more orders from countries around the world, Necholas Negroponte made the announcement this week that the official OLPC, called 2B1, will go on sale to North Americans through the highly popular auction portal eBay. Up until now, the plan was to deliver 2B1 units to children around the world who lack access to technology.

Apparently, the 2B1 notebooks are to be priced at $450 with a $350 tax deduction. The rest of the proceeds will be put into good use says the consortium and will be used to produce more 2B1 units for other countries. The announcement was made this week at AMD's conference called AMD Global Vision 2006. The organization aims to push OLPCs forward and create a delivery method for the units.

However, concerns are rising on how these 2B1 units will actually be distributed to children around the world. The OLPC consortium previously said that while it was talking to a number of government bodies in several countries, no single body has yet put forth a secured order.

DailyTech previously reported on the official 2B1 notebook, which features innovative power saving features as well as a unique human-powered power supply, which gets energy from the user yanking on a yo-yo like device.

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