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1080p support announced for XBOX 360 at Tokyo Game Show - dashboard update coming this year

2Old2Play has posted an article with some early coverage from the 2006 Tokyo Game Show. According to an announcement made early this morning, Microsoft's XBOX 360 game console will receive a dashboard update this year to enable 1080p support.

The forthcoming dashboard update will enable support for 1080p (1920x1080) resolution; however, the current lack of an HDMI cable for the XBOX 360 means this resolution will only be supported over component and VGA. Existing games and DVDs will be able to take advantage of this resolution through the upscaling feature of the XBOX 360, but no "native 1080p content" has been prepared for release as of yet.

With the advent of the HD DVD add-on drive and the rumors of a new XBOX 360 with an internal HD DVD drive, the update to include 1080p support may be part of the "surprise" Microsoft claimed was in store to counter Sony's PlayStation 3, scheduled to launch in Japan on November 11 (November 17 for North America).

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RE: hmm..
By michal1980 on 9/20/2006 11:27:29 PM , Rating: -1
i never said the root-kit that was a sony division, that has little to do with ps3, was good.

but to claim that only a 'small' number of people stole music etc, is just false.

when napster died, it had millions of users, and since mp3 became popular, it was used to steal music.

I remeber back in college, when I started had no idea what mp3 was. then wow, look at all the 'free' music. Heck I even tried to argue it should be free, then I started playing, and thought u know what, thats b.s. that music should be free.

if you think music 'sharing' has gone the wayside, just go to a college, ask some kids if they still are getting free tunes. The answer is yes, and its millions of tracks every year.

wake up, in general if you can download it, most people can justify taking it.

'oh but its just a copy', 'its just 0's and 1's'
'who will notice'. 'i wasn't going to buy it anyways, so there not missing my money' etc.

I bet 90% of the people downloading a song illegally, would not go to best buy, take a cd, and stuff it in there jacket pocket and walk out. But downloading is 'less' bed. Thats why we have drm.

If we could be trusted, we would not have to worry.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein
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