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Step aside hybrid players, here comes hybrid media

The high-definition optical media format war has been brewing for a while now and none of the two, Blu-ray or HD DVD, has come up ahead of the other in terms of adoption by the big name studios. NewScientistTech is reporting that a couple of engineers at Warner, Alan Bell and Lewis Ostrover have come up with the idea of a hybrid disc that will hold not only standard DVD and HD DVD content which we have seen before, but also Blu-ray content all on a single optical disc.

The way this is said to work by the two engineers is that the HD DVD format uses 0.6mm deep pits to store data while Blu-ray uses 0.1mm deep pits. If a Blu-ray layer is placed on top of an HD DVD layer, it can allow enough of the laser to shine through to read the underlying HD DVD layer but also be able to reflect enough light for a Blu-ray player to read the disc. The standard DVD layer can then be manufactured on the opposite side of the media to keep it separate because of the difference in lasers used.

Of course, the costs to manufacture such media would increase but even then it would be much more economical to produce a single triple-format disc than to press 3 types of media separately for the same content, according to NewScientistTech.

Additionally, many are announcing hybrid players to cover both HD DVD and Blu-ray while those early adopters of the idea such as LG are going back to sticking to a single format.

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what does it matter
By Jkm3141 on 9/18/2006 8:58:04 PM , Rating: 1
Idk about you all, but I see almost no reason to run out to wally world and buy a 400$+ HD player (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) and (assuming) 40-50 dollar movies when there isnt a movie out there I want to watch. No I'm not saying movie quality has gone down, I'm saying it never came up. I find watching movies to be a complete waste of time. There's no reason for me to go out and buy HD everything (probably 3 Grand after everything (including HDTV)) when no more than 9 months ago I finally bought a DVD player for my TV. I have had a DVD player for my computer for ages cause the storage size, but not for the TV because I dont watch DVD's. Only reason I bought one then was the number of movies I watched spiked up bigtime due to a girlfriend.

RE: what does it matter
By probedb on 9/19/2006 4:52:16 AM , Rating: 2
Well don't buy one then? If you find watching movies to be such a waste of time why are you even bothered about what happens as it doesn't affect you?

Sony seem to have screwed up launching everything at the moment so we'll see how it goes :) Currently I'm looking at a HD-DVD player as at least they're region free so I can import US discs and still play all my UK DVDs and HD-DVDs.

RE: what does it matter
By rushfan2006 on 9/19/2006 12:35:31 PM , Rating: 2
I agree w/ probedb, your comment is one of the more worthless ones in a while -- if you don't like watching movies why would you give two shits about posting to an article that is obviously geared for those actually INTERESTED in the Blu-ray/HD-DVD market. Now you could go and say "well I'm interested in the media for storage/computer useage" but given this particular thread is largely about the MOVIE players your post is just oddly placed.

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