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Apple's new release of iTunes 7 brings along a bunch of new problems

Just days after the release of iTunes version 7, Apple is facing a barrage of user complaints and reports about iTunes being well, not much of an upgrade. Steve Jobs demonstrated the new release at the special conference to an amazed audience on Tuesday, showing off features such as free downloadable album art, new view and sort methods, and gapless playback. Unfortunately, some core features of iTunes have now become broken.

Going through the Apple iTunes forum, some of the problems most frequently reported are:
  • Being unable to playback podcasts
  • Some iPod Nanos not being recognized by the Windows version of iTunes 7
  • iTunes 7 not being able to save preferences
  • Music often becomes jerky or distorted during playback
  • Music becomes distorted when switching to another application in the Mac version
  • iTunes 7 quitting unexpectedly
  • iTunes 7 freezes during library updates
  • Next track is played before current track fully finishes
  • Different types of coded error messages
Unfortunately, the above list doesn't seem to be all the problems that users are experiencing. Many reports say that iTunes 7 is a mishap of a release and that Apple should have done a little more Q&A internally.

Interestingly, Apple has been having a fair number of problems across its entire line of products. From notebooks to software, many of Apple's very own loyal users are beginning to question Apple's ability to deliver quality products -- looking good is one thing, but working well is something else.

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Not so with me...
By cubdukat on 9/16/2006 6:17:33 PM , Rating: 2
I recently upgraded iTunes on my Compaq laptop, and I have been having quite a few of the issues everyone else seems to be having, plus a new one that I haven't seen mentioned.

I also upgraded my desktop, and it's now telling me that I don't have administrative privileges to download album art--despite there being only one user on the computer (me, natch).

On the laptop, things are somewhat worse. I am unable to import my library from the previous installation (something may have been corrupted in iTunes 6 just before the upgrade), and I cannot see a way to save any streaming favorites that I had been able to do before.

To put it simply, iTunes 7 is more or less borked. It's certainly given me even less incentive to get an iPod. I guess I'll wait until one of the PlaysForSure stores finally start offering downloadable TV shows like iTunes. Of course, Apple will have probably released the 10th generation iPod with HD capabilities by then.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs
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