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The new second generation Nano, aka the "Nano 2nd"

The new smaller Shuffle

The entire "new" iPod family
Apple's entire range of iPods receive a makeover

Apple today announced a new refresh to its line of iPods that include the iPod, the Nano, and the Shuffle. The new iPod will have a 60-percent brighter screen and have an increased video playback time of 3.5 hours, which is roughly 1.5 hours more than the current iPod. Apple will also be releasing a bigger capacity iPod that sports an internal 80GB hard drive that can play video for 6.5 hours.

The iPod Nano will also receive a refresh. Apple today announced that the iPod Nano will now be all aluminum and available in various colors. Currently, the iPod Nano is made of plastic and was previously reported to be easily scratched. Available colors for the new iPod Nano are green, silver, black, blue and pink. Apple will be making the new iPod Nano in three flavors: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. The 2GB iPod Nano will only be available in silver color.

2GB: $149 - Silver only
4GB: $199 - All colors except black
8GB: $249 - All colors

The new iPod Nanos will come with a new charger, armband and new lanyard. Apple claims that the new Nano will be able to play for roughly 24 hours non stop.

Along with new iPods, Apple will be introducing new software for the small players as well. New generation software will include such features as gapless playback, searching, and a host of new games: Bejeweled, Pac Man, Texas Holdem, Tetris, Mahjong and others. Users will also be able to purchase games for their iPods off of iTunes for $4.99 per game.

Apple's iPod Shuffle will also receive a revamp. The Shuffle has been reduced in size to roughly the size of the iPod radio remote. The iPod Shuffle's body is now metal and comes in only a 1GB version for $79. Apple said that the new Shuffle will ship in October of this year.

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STFU about batteries already
By DLeRium on 9/15/2006 5:12:20 AM , Rating: 2
I bought an iPod 4th gen about 2 years ago and now it is dead. Why? HD is clicking. Yes I probably run with it too much or something. My battery never had issues. I used to take it to class and use it during my breaks/walks to class, and my commute on BART home. I could charge once a week. Too many people charge everyday and that is WHY your batteries will die.

No matter what, every battery whether Li-Ion or NiMh or NiCd will lose charge storing capabilities one day after excessive charging. While the memory effect may be claimed to be nonexistent in Li-Ion, it is still somewhat there (voltage depression). Memory effect is honestly just a consumer branded term but you know that some material is physically being depleted which means you can't have unlimited charges.

Apple uses top notch quality batteries and Li-Ions should run about 300 charges. Remember that stupid video or sound clip or article I forgot, but it mentioned that iPods die in 1 year? Well if you charge your iPod every single damn day of the year, meaning you listen to something like 12 hours of music a day, then yes, it will die in 1 year.

Working in the library this summmer, I probably had to charge once every 2 - 3 days because I would listen to it while at work. Assume you do that for a long time, and your iPod should still be good for a little over 2 years.

By 3 years your iPod wil lprobably be scratched up and you probably would be upgrading anyways. My hard drive obviously died before my battery, so its time to get a new one.

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