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The EU calls for Microsoft to remove security features from Vista

It looks as though Microsoft and European regulators are butting heads once again. The European Union is asking Microsoft to remove new security features, including its improved built-in firewall, that have been added to Vista. Microsoft is urging the European to back off and has threatened to delay Vista’s European launch as a result of the latest calls for feature reductions. The new features, which make Vista a more stable and secure platform that its Windows XP predecessor, are seen as a stifling competition. "Less diversity and innovation would ultimately harm consumers through reduced choice and higher security risks," said Jonathon Todd, an EU competition spokesman.

Microsoft's Associate General Counsel, Erich Andersen, is trying to help the software giant walk the line balancing security with abiding by the law. "We are concerned that [regulators] might require the removal of some of the security features we've demonstrated. We want to launch Windows Vista in a fully lawful manner and we want to avoid regulatory decisions that could increase security risks for European consumers. One of principal concerns is that European concerns have access to the same new security features in Windows Vista as everyone else."

Making Windows more secure was a pivotal design point for Windows Vista. The Windows XP operating system has been the target of numerous attacks in the past five years and Microsoft saw fit to make its consumer operating system less of a target. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the European Union wants the company to leave those duties to 3rd party software developers.

Microsoft was fined $634 million USD in 2004 by the European Union for monopolistic practices and was fined another $357 million USD this past July for not complying with antitrust rulings.

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Let's make it clear...
By stmok on 9/13/2006 12:58:39 AM , Rating: 0
The problem here is that MS has changed Vista's security model, such that third-party "security" companies like Symantec, Outpost PF, Zone Alarm, etc are unable to work with Windows Vista, unless the developers of those third-parties hack Vista!

That's right, you need to hack Vista in order to make your product compatible with it!

Why? Because MS isn't opening up any specifications to Vista, to anyone except to certain companies and even Firefox. How are you supposed to develop a product to protect or work with an OS when the developer of that OS is denying you access to the stuff you need? (ie: how to work with the Vista security model? Access the kernel and related APIs? etc). Did you people ever read about the complaints of developers from security companies?

I personally see this as a problem with Windows itself. If they rewrote it, based on some other proven OS, they wouldn't need to implement such draconian security features to begin with! (The way Windows is implemented, you are basically put into a position where you pretty much have to implement tough measures. There isn't really any elegant solution about it!)

Then again, if the author of this news article did his research a bit more, he'd realise that this is another PR trick from Microsoft!

WTF am I talking about?

MS tried this...
Microsoft rattles EC cage on Vista delay

And when that failed, they pulled out the "security" card!
Microsoft worries aloud that the EU could make Vista less secure

I can't believe how gulliable you all are to PR tricks!

I expected better from people that hang out at the DailyTech...Clearly, I've raised my expectations too high.

Next time, when you defend something or someone, don't blindly do it. It shows arrogance and of a non-technical mind. Dig deep into the story and get the overall picture to what's going on!

And for god's sake, don't ever watch CNN or Fox News! :D

RE: Let's make it clear...
By bozilla on 9/13/06, Rating: -1
RE: Let's make it clear...
By mindless1 on 9/13/06, Rating: 0
"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton
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