There are rumors that the Apple Watch 3 will be released on the second half of 2017.

Most likely, this launch will be around the same time as the iPhone 8. Other speculations say we may have to wait until April 2018 since the Apple watch launched in April of this year.


The last rumor does suggest Quanta Computer will no longer be the sole manufacturer of the Apple Watch 3 and it will now share production with rival Compal. The rumor also suggests it will launch in the second half of 2017, so alongside the iPhone 8 may be a possibility.


According to TechRadar’s take, Apple Does not seem to see the Apple Watch as a device, which needs refreshing every year, therefore we may not see the Apple Watch 3 before 2018. Rumors suggest there will be no shape or size of the screen change for the Apple Watch Series 3, and square 1.65-inch display is still expected.


Further rumors add that Apple is considering Micro-LED panels for its next generation wearable. Micro-LEDs panels are brighter and more power-efficient than OLED and more costly.


There is a good chance that the resolution will stay at 390 x 312 and there may not be big changes on the Apple Watch 3. As far as design, leaks suggest that it will have a platinum or liquid metal case, a smart band and a modular design. So, certain aspects of the design could change substantially.


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