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The Series3 shows off its OLED display - Image courtesy Engadget

Inputs of the Series3 - Image courtesy Gizmodo
The Series has landed!

Today the non-disclosure embargo for the Series3 TiVo lifts, and sites everywhere are starting to disclose the details.  Gizmodo has a few images and videos up already, sporting the new OLED front display and a sleek new look.

The biggest draw to the Series3 is, of course, the CableCARD support.  The new Series3 supports two CableCARD 1.0 adaptors capable of decrypting a single signal per card.  Multi-stream support will be available later this year.

CNET also was able to get a shot at the new Series3, which particularly emphasized on the networking capabilities of the Series3.  All reviews so far have been disappointed with the lack of TiVo2Go, a service that used to allow users to rip content from the TiVo to a PC.  Also absent from the Series3 is the ability to use external hard drives, although an e-SATA connector is present for future support.

Engadget reports "Units go on sale today at and should be showing up within the next week or so at Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, and Ultimate Electronics."  However, at the time of publication the links had not been enabled yet.  CircuitCity has its buy page up already.

The Series3 will still come with the $800 price tag as reported earlier.  Additionally, you'll still need to pay a monthly fee for the TiVo services.

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How Much?
By Lazarus Dark on 9/12/2006 11:30:02 AM , Rating: 2
digital cable +
cablecard fee x2 +
tivo box +
tivo service fee =
umm.. a bunch. is tivo really that good? I've never actually used one, the only dvr ive used is a friends directv dvr and it has a guide and you just press record on a show. so what does tivo offer that's so addictive that people will go to rediculous lengths to get digital cable on it. This seems almost as complicated as avsforums directions for getting the firewire on your cable dvr to stream to your pc.
I don't get it.

RE: How Much?
By Sanctusx2 on 9/12/2006 12:14:36 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, the current Tivo series2 is that good. Especially if you don't own a DVR yet.

With that said I don't think this new one is "that good." I think if you want to criticize Tivo make it clear you're attacking this latest model, their older units are still fantastic and cheap(even free).

Have to agree that as long as Series3 has taken to develop, there doesn't seem to be a need to have pushed it out now. HDTV is still pretty rare and Cablecard has yet to achieve any widespread adoption. Series 3 seems strictly targetted to the early adopter market and it's priced as such. However earlier Tivos were pretty pricey on release as well, so I would expect we'll see this one come down in the next few years.

RE: How Much?
By RamarC on 9/13/2006 11:11:22 AM , Rating: 2
Dual HD recorders, THX cert, and OTA HD and cable HD support are what makes the series 3 special and expensive. but considering i pay $14/month for my sa-8500HD DVR/cablebox (dual HD recorders), $800 is too high. HD should reach the tipping point in 2007 so maybe HD recorders will start dropping in price.

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