The upcoming Microsoft’s Surface Pro5 revealed by noted technology blogger Paul Thurrott is a new Hybrid laptop will come with an Intel Kabylake CPU and have a company’s own power connector.

According Thurrott’s posts on Twitter, “ there is nothing dramatic about the device as it will just have a refreshed look with some upgrades.”  There is no specific date given for Microsoft Pro 5 launch.

Also, ZDNet reported that the company won’t be showcasing its Surface Book 2, and added that the device so called (may be) Surface Book 2 is not quite ready yet.
Microsoft’s new Surface Pro2-in-1 laptop will likely be competing against Apple’s iPads and other tablets built by Samsung. 

The research claims that Microsoft products perform well in three areas; Internet, connectivity, and availability of manufacturer support accessories. Microsoft consumers interested to see a change in the position and including the Surface Pro’s cover though always sold separately at a price of $129. Which it has been necessary part of the Surface device and always keyboard showcased with cover but still won’t pack it into the box. Launch date and detail information will be posted as it comes available. 

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