The creator of Google Android OS Andy Rubin made fun of new smartphone by saying that will have no bezels at all.

Rubin Tweeted an image, which shows a corner of the device in hand and zero bezels.

It is also in the Tweet a caption that reads.” I’m really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people’s hands…”

However, it is not clear if the smartphone teased by Rubin is the final product or a preliminary model of the smartphone. From what we could see this might be similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Mix that has a bezel–less front panel.  As it has been reported previously; Rubin’s Essential products, Inc. will make the product. The company’s flagship smartphone is scheduled to launch in 2nd Q of year 2017.

In addition, it is in the report that the modular components will stich with the base device using a magnetic connector. The connector also will be able to charge the battery. One of the modules was claimed that to be a 360-degree camera and have a bezel-less display. Also screen size was mentioned on the claim, which may have bigger than Apple’s iPhone 7.  It is expected to sport a metallic frame and ceramic back. Still launch date may be sometime in the mid 2017.

However, there is another leak of Bezel- Less phone Shows Much better design than Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, expect Release date not clear.

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