CDW (Clinical Data Warehouse) is a leading multi-brand technology solution that used in the United States, Canada, and the UK providing services to Business, Government, Education and Healthcare Organizations.

As it is reported for the year 2016 the CDW generates net sales of nearly $14billion. Interested parties on CDW visit,


Over the years, I had been noticing that whether it is friends gathering, after meetings, outdoor activities, at the shopping or just when you go for a walk all the communication occurs through electronics or any other gadgets. The questions are “what is new or how to take care of gadget and the problems.” We have gotten to the point that we no longer hear anyone’s voice, communication is done through texting or emails.


Even at the parties or at the dinner table everyone’s attentions are on their gadgets. Hardly anyone talks about social life or health and problems related with. Let’s take a deep breath and moment to think about our surroundings. With out any denial CDW, CIN and all the innovations: including existent or upcoming electronics and gadgets that not only are helpful also became necessity of our life. After all those are impressive and useful tools, but one has to be healthy enough to put them to use.    Unfortunately these days’ people read more about hacking and innovation of electronics than what is good to eat.  Isn’t it sad?


Maybe I am the one putting health on the top of the list?  Who listens to and watches the reaction of the body toward any food or medicine. Who swallows and analysis it to the point that could say which medicine with what dosage is effective.  Or what kind of food replaces the medicine; please allow me to rephrase my statement: (what I should do to minimize needs of medicine).


Once again all improved services by CDW, a clinically integrated network, which created nearly ten years ago and always thinking of improving healthcare’s collaboration and telehealth solutions, and mobility. As it is reported they are always working together to find better way of delivering care in an integrated way. So why not we should do the same with our own body, listen to it and spend more time to take care of it, to have healthy and longer life, that should be able to work successfully at our work places and enjoy too. There are many resources available, as you know to discover more about the health if we include time in our everyday busy schedule, such as:,, or any other health journals, and get help that we deserve.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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