The California department of Motor Vehicles is seeking public comment on proposed regulations for driverless testing and public use of autonomous vehicles that will no longer be required to have conventional manual controls such as steering wheels and pedals.

This will change the current regulations that required backup driver.  According to state transportation secretary Brain Kelly:  The proposed change provides a path to the eventual sale and deployment of self- driving vehicles in California.  The Uber ride services firm is among the list of companies that granted a testing permit.


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The proposed regulations gives manufactures to certify that their driverless test vehicles can operate without convectional controls. DMV deputy director Brian Soublet said, “ The cars must meet federal safety standards or have an exemption from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration”.   Driverless vehicles must also have a remote operator to be able monitor the vehicle’s operation and communicating with any passengers.  Few of automakers will begin deploying self –driving vehicles by 2020-2021.  Also it is reported that California initiated a 45-day public comment period, on the proposed rules changes, to be followed by a public hearing on April 25. 

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